DKI Jakarta is a province with a dense population, with needs that continue to increase, one of which is the number of fast, practical, and reliable delivery services to facilitate transactions from business actors to the hands of customers. Business actors’ innovation is believed to have a social impact on independent small businesses (MSMEs), one of which is carried out by HAUM.

HAUM is a skincare company with a running age of 3 years, operating from 2018 to the present, which for 3 years has released a series of product lines for skin needs. HAUM’s commitment to continue to innovate not only in terms of products but also by taking small steps to change the environment.

What can be done now is to start providing Same Day Delivery Service, with delivery using two-wheeled transportation (bicycles) without engines and without fuel, which is more environmentally friendly to reduce a little pollution in Jakarta. Although this is only a small step, HAUM strives to make a small contribution to the environment, with the hope of a more dynamic delivery service for customers. With courier services using bicycles, HAUM hopes to further increase social impacts such as improving environmental quality and reducing air pollution.

HAUM started this environmental mission by partnering with WESTBIKE MESSENGER by launching the Eco Courier service – Same Day Delivery Service for direct delivery of HAUM products to consumers on the same day which currently starts operating only for the Jakarta area.