Japanese food fans in Jakarta rejoice! CHIBO introduces the new flavors in town by opening their first appearance in Indonesia. Situated near the South Lobby of Gandaria City Mall. CHIBO is one of the leading international Japanese restaurant chains from Osaka since 1973 and opened establishing 60 outlets around the world including Hawaii, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and Thailand. The restaurant serves authentic Osaka-style okonomiyaki and teppanyaki for individuals and families to enjoy their handcrafted dishes.

Its décor that represents Japanese elements such as teppanyaki bar adorned by the touch of red color, dangling lamps, and playful Japanese art drawings over the walls and pillars. CHIBO makes it so enticing that guest can expect to have the quintessential casual Japanese dining experience here. Even, their signature mini teppan grilled Okonomiyaki on each dining table is a crowd pleaser and the core of everything they do at CHIBO. Every guest can witness live how their okonomiyaki and teppanyaki was prepared with its signature sauce and homemade mayonnaise.

At CHIBO, the okonomiyaki served in two different styles, Osaka and Hiroshima. The first is prepared like a pancake where the batter and other ingredients are mixed together. The latter is the Hiroshima version, which the ingredients are layered rather than mixed together.

The brand’s signature CHIBO Okonomiyaki is prepared on an open teppan grill by Teppan Chef before it is served to customers. The crave-worthy dish is full of tantalizing aroma and topped with freshest ingredients, such as Prawn, Squid, Beef, Chicken, drizzled with CHIBO homemade sauce. Expect the thick yet juicy okonomiyaki with a burst of flavor melting in your mouth.

Another famous creation is Soboro Beef Omelette, the CHIBO’s favorite juicy Soboro Beef wrapped in fluffy omelet poured with the signature okonomiyaki sauce. Don’t forget to order their unique teppan-style Gyoza like no others. Served thin-crispy and the taste is tasty. Great choice for a side dish.

The best seller is CHIBO’s Teppan Steak, a signature selection of steak grilled by professional-skilled Teppan Chef. Try the mouthwatering Teppan Tenderloin Steak served with King Oyster mushroom, broccoli, yellow pumpkin, and garlic chips then dip it either with ponzu or shoyu sauce to experience the exquisite taste.

Gandaria City Mall, Ground Floor M-G22
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda No. 8, Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan
10 am – 1o pm
P: +62 2708 2303
IG: @chibojkt