Last November, ASHTA came as an oasis in the middle of Jakarta. ASHTA’s presence is the result of the work of a group of industry experts, both local and international, who are passionate about building homes, retail, and lifestyle spaces. A number of collaborations, ideas, and stories have already occurred within ASHTA. Growing and evolving are essence of ASHTA. Hence, celebrating its  first Anniversary, ASHTA presents EVOLVE #01: Aspire, Strengthen, Evolve on 5-21 November 2021.

EVOLVE #01 is a form of gratitude and appreciation from ASHTA for the support of the community for the past year. Packed in a series of arts and music, EVOLVE #01 will consist of a variety of exciting events. First, There will be Anniversary Gala which will bring fun on the weekends and 11.11 Shopping Surprise which will be offered by more than 50 tenants. In addition, there is also Grow Our Creativity, Evolve in Art which is a collaboration with the Museum of Walls, Museum of Toys x Brainsacks, Moire Bespoke Rugs, and Moire Floor Fairy Tales Vol. 2. It doesn’t stop there, Stream Evolve into Music is prepared to entertain visitors. Fun On A Weekend, Kallula, Reality Club, and famous DJs will perform every week at ASHTA.

“We have been here for a year in the midst of the busyness of Jakarta, we’re committed to continuing to grow, develop, and provide new things for the community, especially our loyal visitors. Therefore, EVOLVE #01 was held as a form of our gratitude. There are many interesting things at this year’s celebration”, said Alexander Kusuma, CEO of ASRI.

ASHTA also provides prizes for visitors who spend a minimum Rp1.000.000 at participating tenants. This time, ASHTA work hand in hand with Bintang Crystal.


The most exciting part of ASHTA’s anniversary celebration is the collaboration with Bintang Crystal. In this collaboration, visitors can explore 350 works of Muka Tembok art from 350 local artists. In addition, this Muka Tembok Exhibition is more immersive through Augmented Reality technology. Visitors can create and color the canvas, and then scan it on the AR Muka Tembok Application. The work will be ‘live’ and can be ‘shot’ to various aesthetic angles at ASHTA. A special gift from Bintang Crystal awaits for 20 most creative creations.

“Bintang Crystal’s collaboration with ASHTA to provide various of entertainment for our customers; chill time is one of our effort to answer our customers’ wishes. According to our recent survey of more than 2.500 consumers, more than 34% of millennials and Gen Z respondents like Bintang Crystal as a friend to relax after working hours. This includes outdoor leisure activities, as well as to be combined with food”, said Jessica Setiawan, Marketing Director of Multi Bintang Indonesia.

“In the end, we believe that ASHTA needs to continue to grow. Aspire, strengthen, and evolve”, closed Alexander.