Guide to Gading Serpong

Gading Serpong,  which located not far from West Jakarta, has a variety of exciting places to visit with family, friends

Guide to Pantai Indah Kapuk

Pantai Indah Kapuk in the north area of Jakarta is a must destination if you want to find the modern


The terrain on Sumba – Nusa Tenggara  is quite different to its neighbouring islands; undulating hills replace the typical volcanic

5 Things to Do in Sentul Area

Located less than 2 hours from Jakarta city center, on the way to Bogor, Sentul has gained popularity as a new destination for those who want to have a short getaway from the city. We list a few things that you can do around the area!

‘Glamping’ Grounds around Jakarta

Within just a few hours by car, you can find plenty of areas, predominantly in West Java, to be an option for a refreshing weekend getaway with your family.

7 Things to Do in Puncak

This to do in Puncak ? Puncak, or ‘the peak’, has been considered a favourite among Jakartans for a quick

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