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Weekend Escape: Paragliding in Puncak

Who says you need to go somewhere mighty exotic to do a little paragliding. Although it has a reputation as

14 Kids Activities To Do in Jakarta

Jakarta stores tons of activity ideas to do for your kids, or for the whole family to enjoy. Here are

7 Things To Do In Jakarta (if you’re fasting)

The holy month of Ramadan is often quoted as the most anticipated month for the majority of Moslems in the country who always look forward to this holy month.
13 Art Galleries and Museums in Jakarta

13 Art Galleries and Museums in Jakarta

If you look carefully, Indonesia, especially Jakarta, actually has a bustling art scene scattered all over the city.

Three Days in Jakarta: Explore, Play and Shop!

Only have three days to visit Jakarta? It may not enough to fully explore the big city, but you can enjoy varieties of activities, including snorkeling and ice skating!
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