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Family & Education: Dzone Therapy Centre

Opened to the public in January 2017, Discovery Zone is a therapy center that provides therapy and counseling for children with learning disabilities and other developmental challenges.

15+ Ramadan ‘Buka Puasa’ Buffet Under 250k

We compile the best all you can eat buffet hotel 'buka puasa' buffet under Rp. 250,000 best for big crowds because in the end of the day, What's a feast without great crowd?

4 Indoor Cycling Classes in Jakarta

Riding your bicycle in Jakarta is a real challenge; just like pedestrians, cyclists don't really have the right of way when maneuvering their way in between the traffic, which clearly favors the motorized vehicles. 
Best Buffet Restaurants in Jakarta

20+ Best Buffet Restaurants in Jakarta

What about if the hectic activity and full environment of a kitchen became part of the dining experience as well?

Jakarta New Tables May 2018

We list new restaurants in Jakarta that you need to check out this month! From Australian brunch cafe, Cuban style Cafe, to  Japanese BBQ.
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