For these past weeks, the government’s announcement to ease Covid-19 restrictions began slightly loosening the rules. Dining-in will resume as long as the venue has outdoor seating with good fresh air circulation and safely comply with the current physical distancing regulations. If you’re looking for a secluded spot in the middle of Jakarta, while still being able to enjoy the breezy tropical vibes, Caspar should be at the top of your list.

Relaxing Outdoor Space

Caspar Jakarta

Caspar features huge indoor and outdoor seating, making it an ideal go-to spot for casual get-togethers. While guests aren’t allowed to experience the exquisite interior full of many wonderful ornaments and details, Caspar’s expansive terrace is a wondrous venue for any occasion, offering breezy cool air both on an open-air terrace area and semi-outdoor area adorned with beautiful detailed furniture and ornaments.

Caspar Jakarta

The spacious outdoor patio attached to the restaurant is set for a perfect spot to soak up the afternoon sun and catch the sunset. The bright-colored cabana seats are also chicly decked-out to give a warm and cozy environment. The grill station situated on the corner becomes the centerpiece to many of the tantalizing grilled menus here. On the other side, the semi-outdoor area is dimly lit that’s very artsy and funky at the same time that can be a perfect spot for a more intimate setting.

Caspar Jakarta

The entire Caspar terrace can accommodate up to 90 people with fully vaccinated staff that will serve your dining experience. To run along with the government’s rules, only guests who had at least received one dose of vaccine are allowed to dine in. Of course, we need to pass through the thermo gun checking and getting your hands sanitized too upon stepping in.

New Elevated Menu

Croqueta Mixtas

Since the last time that we’re here back in February, Caspar has been adding a new menu to the table. One of their latest additions includes Croqueta Mixtas that comes up with a mix of 4 various croquettes such as Croquetas De Tinta (Squid Ink Croquettes with Yuzu Mayonnaise), Croquetas De Puchero (Croquettes with Chicken and Beef), Croqueta Jalapeno & Queso (Croquettes with Fresh Jalapeno and Cheese), and Croquesto Champicho (Croquettes with Chorizo and Mushrooms). Each of the croquettes is bursting with a unique and tasty flavor that really fits for light-bites or appetizers.

Arroz Meloso De Marisco

Sharing paella is always a great idea when dining in at Caspar, that’s why they keep adding the newly paella creations for your needs. One of them is Arroz Meloso De Marisco that has creamy seafood rice with octopus and scampi. The black ink paella presented with lobster and crispy fried prawns will be a triumphant combo for those who love fresh seafood dishes.

Stockyard Black Angus Rib Eye

Caspar has also introduced a new Fresh Cuts menu freshly hot from their grill station. We tried the 300-gram Stockyard Black Angus Rib Eye with a choice of sides and sauces. We opted for the Cauliflower Gratin for the side and Chimicurri for the sauce. It ended up being a great unity to our palate. The rib eye appeared sexy with an outside burnt and juicy melted medium meat inside on the brick-colored round plate. The Cauliflower Gratin itself was so creamy and a little bit of salty yet it’s so addicting, but we recommend chomping all the meat and the gratin in a one go then dip or pour them with their signature Chimichurri sauce that will come out best as it had all the elements.

Gambas Con Salvia

Among the new dishes on the menu, we went back to give Gambas Con Salvia a try once again, because it was good to be true last time that we hoped to feel the same way for the second time. Yes, our expectation once again was fulfilled. The big fresh prawns cooked in Spanish olive oil then enriched with parsley, chilies, lemon, and sage were well matched giving a freshly zesty, just more fun for the taste buds.

Tarta De Queso
Leche Con Galletas

If you happen to have more space for dessert after all that, please select something quintessentially homey dessert that is served from generation to generation in Spanish households which is Leche Con Galletas that gives a foamy delightful sweet ending made from cookie cream and milk espuma (milk and foam). For some heavier desserts, the trendiest Basque cheesecake-style type of dessert can be found in Tarta De Queso. It’s an overly moist and melted round Basque cheesecake completed with the ever-fresh homemade lemon ice cream. Each dollop we tuck into has a balance of creamy texture and zesty flavor that’s just right on the spot

Bespoke Whiskey Lounge

Bespoke Whiskey Lounge

There’s a time and place for us to unwind the night by simply having a decadently fancy drink, Caspar has housed a bespoke whiskey lounge upstairs that features an adjacent dining room, an exquisite private room, and sunbeds to chillax. Although it’s still not accessible yet due to the PPKM regulations, once it opens, drop by and you’ll most likely be sitting on the comfy expansive sofas with their best tapas.

We suggest those who want the ultimate Caspar’s whiskey lounge experience to order their signature single malt whiskeys. Over 200 whiskeys are available to sip which makes the whiskey catalog here is huge and one of the best in Jakarta. If you are in the mood for something refined and upscale sophistication, then you can be sure you will set your feet here.

Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 36, Central Jakarta, Indonesi
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 20:00
Phone: +62 822 178 178 80
Instagram: @casparjakarta