CASPAR – new restaurant in Jakarta is committed to delivering Spanish tapas and dishes with an enticing twist, boasting some new dining experiences in its exceptional restaurant, bar, and lounge space. That’s what Caspar aims to be for its urban customers. As a new establishment that just opened in December 2020, Caspar already sets the bar so high with its charms.

Sometimes, good tapas and cocktails with a good vibe of the music are all you need to get you through the bustling week. Even better, if the hippest spot is right around the corner just nestled in the most strategic district in Jakarta.

The Treasure Keeper

Caspar Jakarta

The name Caspar is from Persian origin meaning “keeper of the treasure”. Traveling from place to place, it ignites new excitements and emotions that we tend to bring something to remember and treasure it for life. Take that inspiration and couple it with an exquisite interior to house many wonderful treasures keep within inside many cupboards and drawers hanging on the ceiling and walls. Intentionally brings the elements of surprise.

The interior, it’s earthy and rustic with teak wood carvings from Jepara adorned over iron tile wall. It’s not dully as it sounds because once you’ve stepped through the doors, you can sense the “feel and touch qualities” that the place is funky and artsy in a way that’s posh with a splash of colors ornaments, paintings, and aligned comfy daybeds.

Caspar’s entrancing interiors lead you to cozy dining spaces where you can have a bite to eat while surrounded by beautiful detailed ornaments. It is divided into several areas like bar, lounge, dining area, and private room, wine lounge, whiskey lounge, plus cigar lounge over the spiral staircases. The interior concept was created by Bill Bensley, an energetic architect, interior designer, and artist that knows no boundaries and has already designed over 200 hospitality projects in 50 countries.

Caspar Jakarta

Brings Creativity into Every Dish

Chef Rafael M. Millan

Helmed by Executive Chef Rafael M. Millan, he and his teams embody the classic Spanish cuisines with modern cooking techniques, offering a little touch of South American spin on the dishes.

Staple Patatas Bravas

Fans of Spanish tapas can look forward to 19 delicate tapas selections, in variations like the staple Patatas Bravas, a plate of crispy diced potatoes boiled with vinegar and then fried with high temperature then sprinkled with exotic pimento powder.

Tortilla Espanola

Another favorite is Tortilla Espanola, one of Spain’s most famous and beloved national dishes. It’s basically a classic Spanish omelette filled with sliced thin potatoes and onions then topped with greens. For something fresh, we recommend Gambas Con Salvia that serves fresh prawns cooked in Spanish olive oil then enriched with parsley, chilies, lemon, and sage.

Arroz Negre De Alicante

For the mains, Chef Rafael who was born in Valencia, Spain creates sumptuous dishes through his years of experience and roots under his belt. Of course, Valencia has a food scene to envy. One of them is their staple food Paella. Try their Arroz Negre De Alicante, black paella cooked from squid ink presented with huge prawns, clams, fresh squids, and a wedge of lemon. To add more flair, a few dollops of yuzu mayonnaise was added to give an exquisite taste. What’s even more special, the rice for paella was exclusively made from bomba rice, a short-grain variety, primarily cultivated in eastern parts of Spain and it is commonly used in paella. Thanks to its shape, the rice gets thoroughly, uniformly seafood-flavored across its entire pan, and it’s especially good if you munch a bit crusty part of the rice within the pan.

Costillar Con Pimiento De Piquillo

For a meaty menu, we recommend their exceptional Costillar Con Pimiento De Piquillo, which a number of 20-hour slow-cooked short ribs with charred piquillo, grilled romaine lettuce, lettuce puree, and a dash of chimichurri. A bowl of tasty potato puree is also served together to add balance to the flavor. The meat was so tender like melting in your mouth and tasted flavorful with the puree and sauce altogether.

Deep-fried mixed seafood

Those who prefer seafood dishes can go for Fritura, deep-fried mixed seafood with adobo mayonnaise and classic tartar sauce, a typical dish from southern Spain.

Basque Cheesecake with lemon ice cream

To end, the sweet temptations here are also worth to try. Tarta De Queso, the famous Basque cheesecake with lemon ice cream was a high note. Think burnt and smoky cheesecake filled with cheese cream melted inside, keeping things fresh and lovely with lemon ice cream.

Leche Con Galletas

Or you can go for Leche Con Galletas that was made from a sublime combination of cookie cream and milk espuma, it just tasted like a hometown in Spain.

Infusions Influenced Cocktails

Caspar Jakarta

There should be no boundary to composing great drinks through discerning creativity. The man behind Caspar’s signature beverages is Imam Azzai, as Beverages Manager. His recipes include a mixture of classy yet sophisticated approaches but still fun and modern.

Say Cheese Cocktail

Sink back in their daybed sofa or chillax on the bar stools to enjoy peculiar cocktails like Say Cheese, which a direct hit to clean your palate. It’s made with pina gum, citrus, milk clarified, parmegiano touile and the standout ingredient serundeng rum which is a burnt coconut mixed with rum to add creaminess and saltiness tropical coconut taste.

Royal Gum Cocktail

It would be wrong no to mention Royal Gum, most adored by the ladies. Served in an appealing pink flowery color, the drink contains monkey 47, BB gum, yuzu, citrus, and cherry bitters.

In an attempt to bring the best new lounge experience to Jakarta, Caspar places some spaces to accommodate wine lounge, cigar lounge, and even whiskey lounge. Whiskey enthusiasts can try more than hundreds of whiskey here. Now, if you’re in the neighborhood and on the lookout for a great dining and drinking experience, by all means, step in.

Sudirman Suites Apartment
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 36,
Central Jakarta, Indonesia
Opening Hours: 11:00 am – 09:00 pm
Reservation: +62 822 178 178 80
IG: @casparjakarta