Initiated and led by student of Grade 11 and supervised by our teacher, Films and Visual CAS group have started their mark in several events by supporting with media coverage and advertisements. The group has created public announcements in the form of short films in SWA STUCO Elections and for our SWA Teachers Day assembly

FAV, a shortened named of Film and Visual, is focusing on the exploration of short movies, stop motion video, and animation. The objectives of the CAS group are to be able to promote different types of media through creativity of students, to learn how film production works, to connect with “Service” by creating video content of global issues and to collaborating with the Dance club by creating dance video tutorials.

The CAS Learning Outcomes that FAV connects their project to is to demonstrate the challenges have been undertaken and developing new skills in the process. Related to that, She said in her CAS reflection after interviewing students for her video, “it was quite challenging to find the perfect spot for the light to be from and place the students recorded in the same spot as they had different heights, but we managed at the end. It was also hard for us to find students who wanted to be interviewed, but we ended up getting eight students. From this, I have undertaken a challenge and developed a skill in the process and shown commitment.” On the long term goal, this CAS group also wants to get into film-making inter school competitions.

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