Carys Cares is an initiative that was founded in 2018 by a 17 years old teenager, Carys Mihardja.  Carys Care Foundation’s main goal has always been to raise awareness through creativity empowerment for children and teenagers with down syndrome.

Why Down Syndrome? According to Carys Mihardja, “This community is very close to my heart. They are not person with disability, but they have different ability. They do have talents. Yes, it may be limited, but when they put their heart and with the supports of their positive surrounding, their talents are amazing.”

Carys Cares is focusing on the ‘painting’ talent from these special children and teenagers. From their beautiful paintings, high quality merchandises such as tote bags, note books, ceramic mugs and other lifestyle products are being created. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, since March 2020 Carys Cares foundation has also created face mask, personal tumbler and other essentials to help reducing the spread of this virus.

From the very first batch of these merchandises, Carys Cares received positive supports. The customers, at first bought these items because they want to support the initiative by Carys Cares in supporting these special children and teenagers. Furthermore, the quality of the craftmanship, the variety of the items which are suitable for dailywear and lifestyle, have made the customers become return customers, and new customers are keep growing too.  Especially with the newly launched outlet which sells these merchandises at Sogo Department Store, Plaza Senayan, South Jakarta. 

All profits from the sales of the merchandise are donated to help individuals with down syndrome and donated to POTADS foundation. Since day one, Carys has been worked passionately with POTADS foundation (Persatuan Orang Tua Dengan Down Syndrome) Indonesia. A foundation for parents with Down Syndrome children where the special talents of these children can be nurtured and empowered in the foundation’s Rumah Ceria.

The donation is to help the basic needs of the low income family with down syndrome children, to pay for the therapy and the very important is to support the down syndrome awareness, showing that down syndrome is not contagious but our ignorance is. 

Carys Cares Foundation who then turned the initiative becomes a business model instead of fund raising, believes that this business model will be sustainable. With this business model, Carys Cares Foundation also created job opportunity for less fortunate community such as sewers as many of them has lost their job since pandemic started last year.

Started this with the hope that others will follow the steps and eventually many of the foundations’ acquaintances and other companies have followed this business model to help others in need. Not only for down syndrome community, but for many others, such as children with cancer, basic education in rural area and basic food needs in underprivileged area. This has brought Carys Cares representing Indonesia to receive an International accolade, APEC BEST (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation’s Business Efficiency and Success Target) AWARD 2020 for Social Impact in Society.

Recently, Carys Cares held a campaign collaborating with UNICEF Indonesia in conjunction to the World Down Syndrome Day 2021. The theme for this campaign is ‘From the creative minds of friends with down syndrome to the children of our nation.’ The campaign is also align with UNICEF tagline ‘For Every Child’.

All this time, children with down syndrome have received so much supports. This time they want to be able to PAY IT FORWARD through their creations to other children in needs in Indonesia through UNICEF as a global trusted platform.

All profits from the sales of Carys Cares creations between 21st to 31st March is donated to support UNICEF Indonesia’s priority programme for children.

For further information, please visit Carys Cares Instagram: @carys.cares