Started out in 2008 as a retail flower shop located at Oakwood Premier Cozmo, Mega Kuningan, BStudio Florals have now established itself as a luxury floral specialist in south Jakarta specializing in “Contemporary Indonesian Floral Art and Décor”, providing a wide range of bespoke floral services including floral arrangements and installation, event décor and interior styling to the affluent around town.

With years of dedication and expertise in the field, the boutique has worked with high profile clientele as well as individuals who truly appreciate Indonesian art, paving its way for further expansion in the luxury lifestyle market.

Charmed by the vibrant and exotic variety of Indonesian flora, Priscilla Kayo, founder of BStudio florals, takes pride in curating Indonesian flowers as her medium with the aim to show case the beauty and abundance of Indonesia heritage in today’s modern society. After living in Indonesia for more than 30 years, Priscilla is well-versed with the unique characteristics of Indonesian artifacts and all Indonesian flowers and plants. In each of her floral art piece, Priscilla conveys her message in floral arrangements through the play of texture, color and shape, elevating the looks of ordinary with her contemporary design and thoughtful personalization.

About Priscilla Kayo, A Lady who simply loves Flowers

Growing up, the Hong Kong native and her mother would always have plants around their apartment and they would decorate their house with fresh flowers during festive seasons. When Priscilla first set foot in Indonesia, she was stunned to see the diversity of Indonesian flora. Intermittently, she would make trips to local flower market and turned her home into the verdant “gardens of Bali”.

While her higher education and professional career was in finance and information technology, Priscilla always turn to flowers to find self-contentment and serenity. At home, she enjoys “painting with flowers” which what she refers as creating self-made floral arrangements to de-stress herself from her high-pressure job. She finally found her real calling and fulfills her passion in floral artistry through BStudio Florals, channeling her dedicated enthusiasm, sophistication in detail and unique taste through composing contemporary Indonesian floral arrangement.

Distinctive Touch of BStudio Florals

The passionate team at BStudio Florals consists of senior florists with more than 10 years of expertise in the floral business. The early stages of each floral design go through similar discipline as a painter or a creative artist with an arduous process of intensive research and iterative development. Challenged by innovation and creativity, Priscilla and the team differentiate their work by orchestrating floral creations not only to please the eyes but more importantly, to become a meaningful floral art piece that last in the minds of their clients.

Priscilla believes that “Every design must have a message, without that, it will be like a dead person without a soul”. With sincere and thoughtful designing process, combined with Priscilla’s unique artistic vision and creativity, each floral arrangement from BStudio Florals is a uniquely sculpted floral art that exude distinct character, drive emotional connections and stand out even in the boldest of rooms through its outstanding craftsmanship that is unmistakably, Priscilla Kayo’s.


Located at the ever-bustling business district of Jakarta at Mega Kuningan, BStudio Florals specializes in “Contemporary Indonesian Floral Art and Décor”. BStudio Florals provides wide range of services from floral arrangements and installations, event décor and interior styling. Through appreciation of exotic Indonesian flowers and plants, BStudio Florals mainly uses local faunas combined with Priscilla Kayo’s exquisite contemporary flair and thoughtful personalization for each client. Each floral arrangement from BStudio Florals is a uniquely sculpted floral art that not only flaunts Indonesian floral heritage but also bound to exude distinct character and drive emotional connections to the bearer.

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