At a top-level panel discussion focused on ’Selecting & Developing Indonesia’s Future Leader to Deliver a Sustainable World’, BritCham Indonesia committed to support the Association of Indonesia Municipalities’ (APEKSI) programme, Youth City Changers (YCC).

In an MoU entered into yesterday, BritCham’s support will come from its Human Capital & Education Member Focus Group by providing academic excellence and practitioner insights for the APEKSI training and mentoring programme.

At a meeting between Rino Donosepoetro (Donny) (Chairman of BritCham), Bima Arya Sugiarto (Mayor of Bogor), Dr. Paul Aitken (Chairman of BritCham Human Capital and Education Member Focus Group), and Chris Wren (Executive Director of BritCham), Bima Arya Sugiarto who is also the Chairman of APEKSI, emphasised that “international support would be very helpful to establish international standards within the programme, as well as the principles and strategies of APEKSI in strengthening collaboration and synergy”. BritCham first established a cordial relationship with Mayor Bima on a coordinated visit to three cities in the UK to promote West Java trade and investment interest.

During the panel discussion, which was jointly moderated by Dr. Paul Aitken and I Made Andi Arsana (Academia, Author, Head of Office of International Affairs Universitas Gajah Mada, Education Content Creator), it was agreed that in the context of sustainable leadership, development success’ measures for both businesses and society now needed to be aligned to UN’s sustainable development goals.

In relation to the establishment of Human Capital and Education Member Focus Group, Minister Nadiem believes that it will play a “crucial role in Indonesia’s current effort to internationalise higher education, to connect educators, exchange knowledge and develop enterprises together to the benefit of both education and economic sectors.”

He also strongly believes that with the launching of the focus group and collaborative programmes between British and Indonesian institutions, “students from both countries will receive many benefits, in terms of skills and knowledge placing them in a pivotal role in sustainable development.”

In response, Dr. Paul asserted “This will drive strategic agendas with clear outcomes related to and reducing the impact of climate change and generating new business opportunities from this activity and the recovery and regeneration of the environment”.

The panel unanimously agreed that a new sustainable and agile approach to leadership, particularly among younger Indonesians would impact the improvement of the health, education and prosperity of communities while also promoting growth of ‘green’ business and ‘eco’ entrepreneurship. These are also among the goals of the APEKSI YCC initiative.

The full panel comprised:

  • Bima Arya Sugiarto (Mayor of Bogor, Chairman of APEKSI )
  • Dara Cincinati (Managing Director of BBM Logistics & Committee Member, Research and Digital-Sharia Economy, KADIN)
  • Indrijati Rahayoe (Chief Human Resources and Community Investment Officer of Prudential Indonesia)
  • Nadiem Makarim (Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of Indonesia)
  • Olly Riches (Former Chairman, now Consultative Board of BritCham Indonesia and Senior Managing Director SE Asia PageGroup)
  • Rino Donosepoetro (Chairman of BritCham Indonesia, Vice Chairman ASEAN & President Comissioner Indonesia of Standard Chartered Bank)

Moderated by:

  • Dr. Paul Aitken (Chairman of BritCham’s Human Capital & Education Member Focus Group and Founder of MLA (Singapore) Pte Ltd and Mastering Leadership Agility Ltd (UK))
  • I Made Andi Arsana (Academia, Author, Head of Office of International Affairs Universitas Gajah Mada, Education Content Creator)

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