Tattoos are a form of art and self-expression symbolizing many things including freedom, creativity, independence, commitment, and even rebellion. These days, the stigma towards getting a tattoo for both men and women in Jakarta is changing for the better. Choosing the right place to get “inked” is crucial not only for the design of your tattoo but also for hygienic purposes. Below are a few recommended tattoo parlors in Jakarta known for their incredible tattoo artists, designs and cleanliness.

1. Bucksbuks

First established in Bandung over 15 years ago, Bucksbuks is now located in Kemang, South Jakarta and has become one of the oldest tattoo parlors in the city. Aside from the founder, Ricky “Panky” Stefanus, Bucksbuks features four experienced artists with a variety of styles from oriental to 3D portraits, realism, geometric, tribal, cover-ups and more. Aside from permanent tattoos, Bucksbuks also provides body piercing, henna tattoos, body painting as well as piercing accessories. The artists at Bucksbuks take the health and safety of body arts very seriously, therefore, all of their tools are constantly sterilized. They also ensure to always use new needles for every guest and dispose of used materials properly. Open every day, there is a minimum charge of Rp. 800,000 for designs measuring 5cm by 5cm as well as an hourly rate of IDR1,200.000 per hour.

Jl. Kemang 1A No.29B, Bangka, Jakarta Selatan
To make an appointment: (+62 813) 1532 4159

2. Laura Tattoo

Laura Sihombing is one of Indonesia’s leading female tattooists, who has established one of the first female-owned studios in South Jakarta. Trained in Singapore, one of Laura’s specialties is shading. Aside from body tattoos, the studio also offers make-up tattooing and other body parts. Laura Ink studio features the latest grips, tips and sterile hygienic single-use needles as well as UK handmade machines and ink. Your inking process can include an optional pre-treatment such as pain-numbing medications and an after-treatment unique to the Laura Ink brand. A free follow up appointment for your newly inked tattoo is also part of the deal.

Jl. Kemang Selatan VIII No. C-3, The Red Building, Floor 2, unit 212, Jakarta Selatan
To make an appointment: (+62 811) 110 5134  

3. Lawless Tattoo

Established in 2011, Lawless Tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo parlors in South Jakarta with two fabulous tattoo artists – Ferdy and Bongga. Both Ferdy and Bongga specialize in different tattoo designs, for example, Bongga is all about neo styles and American traditional designs, while Ferdy loves working on designs that are black and grey and realists, but of course, they can handle any other designs you have in mind. The studio also keeps every item clean, sanitized and renews the needles used for each guest, ensuring a safe and sanitary process. Open on Tuesdays to Sundays, Lawless charges a minimum of IDR800,000 per tattoo and IDR18,000 for every square centimeter.

Jl. Kemang Selatan VIII No. 64 B, Jakarta Selatan
To make an appointment: (+62 21) 719 2871

4. Sidespace Tattoo Parlor

The recently established Sidespace Tattoo Parlour has quickly risen to be one of the city’s favorites. Hailing four seasoned tattoo artists each specializing in various tattoo styles and designs: Nadya “Nadcil” Natassya, Danang “Unbound” Prihantoro, Agatha Prawiti and Jati, guests are spoiled with tattoo choices, including customized ones, here. For example, Nadcil, the owner, specializes in colorful illustrations and contemporary tattoos, while both Agatha and Danang are recognized for their black designs as well as sketches and fine lines, respectively, and Jati is also known as “Anti-Simetri” because he loves working on realist styles and oriental illustrations instead. Open every day, Sidespace has a minimum charge of IDR850,000 and a separate hourly rate for more intricate designs.

Jl. Bates No.18, Karet Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan
To make an appointment: (+62 877) 8823 8258
IG: sidespaceparlour