Anything organics IS the craze right now. Other than the food we eat, it also extends to what we put on our skin. (you know, just the biggest part of our body!) We love the increasing option of locally-crafted quality beauty products that we can get in Indonesia. Here, we list some of our favorites organic products that you can get in Jakarta just a phone or a click away:

1. The Bath Box

The Bath Box exclusively sells their products online through their website, There, you can easily browse through a good spread of very affordable hand-made natural skincare and hair products; from face oils, serums, paraben-free and chemical-free cleansing foams and natural soaps, to their best sellers, the scrubs and masks. Must try: the Clay-opatra Pink Clay Mask, Goats Dont Lie Liquid Soap, Lavender ‘Surprise’ Face scrub.

Price range: Rp. 49,900 – 249,000

2. Klen & Kind

Klēn and kind was founded by a group of natural and beauty enthusiasts that wants to stay kind to the environment while giving various benefits to your body at the same time. Choose from a range of hair and body treatments, body mist, and also organic essential oil and carrier oils to go with it. Must try: their amazing-smelling body polish and dry shampoo.

Price range: Rp. 60,000-140,000

3. Blue Stone

Hailing from the center of wellness movement, Ubud, Bali, Blue Stone is one of the pioneer of natural and sustainable beauty products in Indonesia, with their tagline ‘ ‘Healthy People, Healthy Planet’. Choose from their locally-made and sourced essential oil blends and essence blends, body balms, soaps, massage oil, and many more, that all have healing properties. One thing for sure, they all smell amazing! If you’re in Ubud, do stop by to their cute little store in Jl. Dewi Sita, or shop directly in their online store.

Price range: Rp. 60,000-Rp. 158,000
Jl. Dewi Sita Ubud, Bali
Phone: +62 (0)852 0551 7097

4. Utama Spice Bali

Another one from Bali, Utama Spice also brings Indonesia’s wealth of botanical goodness to the limelight. They use 100% pure natural ingredients to their wide range of lotions, serums, masks, and many other products. Sustainably, they hit all the right notes too by employing a majority of young, local, independent women from the surrounding villages to their growing team.

Price range: Rp. 16,500-160,000
Location in Ubud: Monkey Forest Road
Location in Sanur: Gopa Town Center, Jalan Danau Poso no. 57, Bali
Phone: 0361 975051
WhatsApp: +628113988606

5. Sensatia Botanicals

But the truth is that Sensatia is one of (again) Bali’s exports for natural beauty products, highlighting their village-based, profit-sharing business model since the year 2000. The price is too good to be true, too. Their price ranges from Rp. 60,000 for bar soaps, to Rp. 360,000 for anti wrinkle therapy serum. Must try: their coffee and cacao brown sugar scrub (Rp. 300,000)

6. Skin Dewi

Skin Dewi carries and sells skincare ingredients you can use for your custom formulations. Made from high quality and ethically sourced, ingredients, to harvest the best results. All ingredients sold on Skin Dewi’s website are pure and cosmetic grade, chosen for their potency and quality. The product ranges from cleanser, exfoliants, moisturizers, serums, and personalized/custom skin cares.

Price range: – Rp. 100,000 –  1,550,000
Phone: +62 813 1720 5018

7. Elea Organics

Elea Organics is an online-only natural beauty store, with certified organic raw butters, oils, essential oils, hydrosols, carrier oil, and everything you need for your natural skincare needs. We’ve found that they have the best price compared to other stores too. The website is still in very basic condition, so we suggest doing it the conventional way via email.

Price range: Rp. 40.000-Rp 150,000

8. Rebrew

Each of Rebrew product provides at least two benefits to reduce time, money and energy that needs to spent on skin care routine. Rebrew are keeping spent coffee grounds out of landfill by repurposing them into self care products for younger looking skin and hair. Add some convenience to your life with multi-purpose, all natural and effective coffee based self-care products. Our ReBrew self-care range is formulated for daily use for all skin types.

Price range: Rp. 150.000 – Rp. 250.000


9. Segara Naturals

Segara means “ocean” in Indonesian, a tribute to the beautiful Indonesian waters and its people. It represents the love for the ocean and the natural beauty that comes with it. Segara Naturals was created to meet the founder needs as a city dweller who loves the outdoors and travels on a carry-on backpack. the needed of natural products that are multi-functional and travel-friendly, yet effective for the city, the sea, and the desert. Hence, Segara Naturals are crafted with high-quality natural ingredients with skin-loving properties. Simple. Effective.

Price Range: Rp. 100.000 – Rp. 450.000


10. Peekme.Naturals

Peek.Me Naturals originated from the desire of a mother to look for a more natural and safe alternative for her allergic and asthma children (as a steroid substitute which is conventional therapy). The searching led Arlin to study further essential oils as a form of alternative therapy (aromatherapy).