After urban farming and cycling, another positive hobby emerges as the newest trend in Jakarta. It is decorating the house with indoor plants which not requires strict rules or skills, but proper basic knowledge instead. There are several trusted plant shops in the city where you can consult, learn, and choose the best indoor plants for your house. Here are those shops that also sell a variety of high-quality indoor plants and deliver them to your place.


The shop is more than selling decorative cactuses or succulents but also takes you to give a more contribution. Cactuseries also offers a self-planting kit to grow your own plant. The kit consists of cactuses or succulents, decorative stones, terracotta pots, potting mix, and care guide.


Shop with Sky

This shop is perfect for newbies in gardening or indoor plants. It is not only offering a variety of decorative or indoor plants but also pots, fertilizers, to pest control. As well as classes, from indoor gardening to aesthetic purpose. Shop with Sky works with plants and encourage anyone to start appreciating plants especially in the indoor environment. The team will share not just the techniques, but experiences in handling many varieties of indoor plants whether it is for a house, apartment, office, cafe, restaurants, or even malls. They will also share the basics of gardening and proof that anyone can learn how to plant and watch the amazing growth.

Instagram: shopwithsky


LOF redefined the experience of plant shopping and eatery. Bringing indoor plants to the busy, concrete-filled city and introduced urban jungle concept that could be brought to your home. The products are including cacti, Kokedamas, standee, and anything you need to get that aesthetically pleasing green spot on your place.

Instagram: livingwithlof

Grow and Grow

The shop offers a wide variety of decorative indoor plants. Including some of the most popular ones, such as Sansevieria, Tradescantia Tricolor, Bromelia, Philo Selloum, and Calathea. You can also rent the plants at Grow and Grow for events decoration.

Catalog: growandgrowid.catalog

Plantis et Java

Plantis et Java sells a variety of plants with attractive colors, shapes, or patterns. Like the Oxalis Triangularis plant, Watermelon Peperomia, and which is always favored by many people, monstera. The shop is also known for selling eco-friendly plant pots with trendy and or cute styles. You can buy the product online or visit its offline shop in Hunter and Grower.

Instagram: plantisetjava

Inn & Props

The shop offers some of the favorite or popular indoor plants and decorative plants. Mostly the products are small to medium size, perfect for small area or room. Inn & Props is not only selling indoor plants but also giving a good recommendation or tips on decorating your house with the plants. From picking the perfect type of plant to placing suggestions.

Instagram: innandprops

Bionliving Store

Bionliving’s indoor plant collection is quite varied, from the small to bigger ones. As well as the types in which you will find some of the popular and high-quality plants. More than just offers indoor plants, Bionliving also has a good collection of plant pots with cute and trendy design.

Instagram: bionlivingstore
WhatsApp: +6282227556808


Botanicary believes that the beauty of nature can be brought to your place with a little bit of stylish touch. Offers a wide selection of indoor and decorative plants, the shop is perfect for you to find cute cactus, good-quality monstera, or kokedama. Botanicary also offers plant styling, pots, and other products related to plant care.

Instagram: botanicary

Starting from a hobby, the owner only sell the kind of plants that she liked. But futhermore, she also sell everyone’s favorite! She opens a small garden to shop anytime at her home.



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