11. Moray Kitchen & Soju Bar

Moray Kitchen & Soju Bar serving Korean-style food & drink. The specialty of this stylish modern bar is its lively atmosphere. As for the menu, the place is popular with its flavored-soju concoction.

Ruko Elang Laut, Blok C No. 26-27, Jl. Pantai Indah Selatan I, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara
5 pm – 2 am
P: +62822-2999-2289
Instagram: moraysojupik

12. Holywings PIK

An easygoing watering hole with a comfortable interior, live music & bar snacks like chicken wings.

Ruko Crown Golf Marina Blok B No. 52-56, Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk No.6, Kamal Muara, Jakarta Utara
4 pm – 2 am
P: +62811-9311-168
Instagram: holywingsindonesia

13. Mixology Soju Bar & Brasserie

MIXOLOGY was born out of a desire to make a place where people can hang out with friends, family, or even a stranger. The place strives to create not just a place but also an environment indulging all sense of sound, taste, smell, lights, and ambiance. MIXOLOGY is a term used to describe the art of mixing cocktail drink recipes, and yes “THE ART”. So come and taste its Mixed Soju, Cocktails, and special Dessert.

Ruko Crown Golf Blok D No 33-35, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara
5 pm – 2 am
P: +62812-2012-5509
Instagram: mixologypik


SAL ĖN CØ excites our culinary experience as it offers a healthy and delicious meal. The place also comes with classic Spanish architecture. This place will allow you to have such a guilty pleasure to dine in with your friends or family while taking countless pretty pictures. SAL ĖN CØ highlights its wide array of salad menu, as well as healthy juice, fruit smoothies, and delicious coffee.

Ruko Garden House, Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk Boulevard No.1 B, Kamal Muara, Jakarta Utara
10 am – 10 pm
P: +62881-9961-194
Instagram: salenco.id

15. Santhai

We love Thai food so much and so grateful places that serve delectable cuisine is growing in Jakarta. One of them is Santhai, a good choice if you’re looking for a casual Thai dine in. The restaurant comes with a tropical concept, also decorated with beach-themed ornaments and bold bright colors. Try Wagyu Satay, Kakigori, and an all-time favorite, Mango Sticky Rice.

Ruko Garden House Blok B No. 18 B, Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk Boulevard, Kamal Muara, Jakarta Utara
10 am – 10 pm
P: (+6221) 29033159
Instagram: santhai.id