Noesantara Coffee & Culinary

Photo credit by Instagram @diarycoffeejkt

Noesantara Coffee & Culinary is a coffee shop that has a minimalist and aesthetic concept in the Rawamangun area. Occupying a homey terrace, this place has become one of the main destinations for people nearby who want to hang out. Not only for hanging out, but Noesantara Coffee is also really suitable as a place for doing assignments and work.

Jl. Tawes No. 21, Rawamangun, Jakarta Timur
Phone: +6281381459198
Instagram: @noesantara.jkt

Roemah Polonia

Photo credit by Instagram @coffeescopejkt

Roemah Polonia is present in the Cipinang area, East Jakarta to meet the needs of culinary and coffee lovers. Roemah Polonia offers Bandung-style vibes and it seems very family-friendly. This cafe has a fairly wide space, especially around the courtyard. On the outside, this outdoor area is adjacent to the backyard. It is the right place to calm your mind and ease your hunger.

Jl. Cipinang Cempedak I No. 27, Jatinegara, Jakarta Timur
Phone: +6285772680043
Instagram: @roemahpolonia

Bruen Coffee & Kitchen

Photo credit by Instagram @bruencoffeekitchen

One of the most visited cafes in East Jakarta is Bruen Coffee & Kitchen. The place is quite cozy and carries the concept of a contemporary cafe with a modern interior. The parking area is also spacious so you don’t need to be confused about parking the vehicle. Bruen Coffe & Kitchen has two floors consisting of indoor and outdoor. The area above is more open, so the air circulation is fresher.

Jl. D. I. Panjaitan No. 46, Jatinegara, Jakarta Timur
Phone: +6221 85908805, +6281311955515
Instagram: @bruencoffeekitchen

Cerita Café

Photo credit by Instagram @jakartacoffeespot

If you’re looking for interesting indoor and outdoor places, you can go directly to the Cerita Cafe. Located in Jatinegara, Cerita Cafe has a unique interior. The walls of the building are dominated by white color and wooden ornaments on the furniture. The semi-outdoor area with a glass roof also makes hanging out cynically feel like you’re in a greenhouse. In addition to wooden furniture, there are also colorful sofas that make the atmosphere of this cafe even more cheerful and colorful. There are several types of food provided here, namely Western, Chinese food, and also Indonesian cuisines.

Jl. Otto Iskandardinata No. 125 – 127, Kampung Melayu, Jakarta Timur
Phone: +62 813 11054200
Instagram: @ceritacafe


Photo credit by Instagram @kopilot_id

Located in Pondok Gede, Kopilot is known as a cafe that sells menus at affordable prices. Not only superior because of the low price, but this place also has an attractive interior. Having walls that are dominated by white color contrasted with monochromatic black tables and seats, makes this cafe feel spacious. In addition, the corners of this cafe are also interesting to look at. Make Kopilot look more instagramable!

Jl. Raya Pondok Gede, Cipayung, Jakarta Timur
Phone: +6221 84981411
Instagram: @kopilot_id