When it comes to hanging out, the East Jakarta area is usually overlooked as a hangout destination. Usually, people travel to either the North, Central, or South areas of Jakarta. However, who would have thought that East Jakarta has plentiful coffee shops with interesting concepts.

These coffee shops also provide a very good atmosphere for you to talk with friends, have meetings, do assignments, or even work from home. For those who have a plan to go to East Jakarta in the near future, you can choose a place from now on. No need to bother, because we have prepared a list of the most recommended coffee shops in East Jakarta.

Kyo Coffee

Photo credit by Instagram @kyocoffee.id

This coffee shop, located in Jatiwaringin, has a Japanese-style concept. The place is rectangular in shape, dominated by wooden ornaments, minimalist decorations, and equipped with large windows with a wooden structure and glass so that sunlight can go through as natural light. Nice arrangement and interior, perfect for those of you who want to make flat lay photos.

Jl. Wirajasa Blok ZN No. 1, Jakarta Timur
Phone: +6281212844322
Instagram: @kyocoffee.id

Hakuna Matata

Photo credit by Instagram @_coffeeandthingsdiary

Hakuna Matata is a recommended cozy coffee shop in East Jakarta, precisely in the Cijantung area. Hakuna Matata has two floors with a mezzanine floor. Location and size-wise, Hakuna Matata can be called a hidden gem because it looks small from the front, but the place is quite spacious inside, plus it has a lot of instagrammable spots, and really cozy. The Hakuna Matata area consists of an indoor, outdoor, mini playground, and prayer room.

Jl. Pertengahan No. 5 (in front of MTSN 33), Cijantung, Jakarta Timur
Phone: +6282123456219
Instagram: @hakunamatata.jakarta

This is Hud

Photo credit by Instagram @hud.thisishud

Nestled in the Jatiwaringin area, This is Hud has complete facilities. This is Hud building design consists of a functional room to a rooftop BBQ so it does feel spacious. This is Hud is often used as a mainstay place for gatherings or works from cafes. The menu offered is also a winner, especially the coffee. For main meals, you can order a variety of fried rice, rice bowls, appetizers, pasta, burgers, and even a menu for children. Very complete!

Jl. Jatiwaringin Raya No. 13, Makasar, Jakarta Timur
Phone: +6289666734323
Instagram: @hud.thisishud

Teras Rumah Nenek

Photo credit by Instagram @terasrumahnenek

If you want to treat the homesickness of grandma’s house in a beautiful hometown setting with lush trees, try Teras Rumah Nenek, a restaurant in Cibubur, East Jakarta. From the front, it doesn’t appear that this building is a restaurant. It looks like a residential house with a fairly large front yard. A small signboard is displayed in front of this restaurant. Entering the front, you will be greeted by the gurgling of water from the koi pond shower.

The dining area in this restaurant carries an outdoor concept with a beautiful atmosphere. Various lush fruit trees become a natural ‘roof’ that protects visitors from the hot sun. Visitors can sit under a tree without worrying about the heat. The wind was blowing slowly to dispel the feeling of heat. For the dining area, there are simple wooden tables and chairs to perch on.

Jl. Abdulrahman No. 46, Cibubur, Jakarta Timur
Phone: +62 859-5446-9080
Instagram: @terasrumahnenek