One year after the past away of Glenn Fredly’s has become a history of grief for Indonesian musicians. His body and spirit are great energy for this industry, starting from a song Glenn Fredly talks through his works ranging from the journey of love, humanity, social aspects, to his spirit of struggle in creating a forum for creation for generations.

Therefore, the management of Bumi Entertainment and Musik Bagus Indonesia will capture this moment by collaborating with Vidio to turn it into a virtual concert called “Berangkat Dari Sebuah Lagu”. This concert is a virtual celebration that illustrates Glenn Fredly’s struggle in intensely building the music and humanity ecosystem in Indonesia. The concert “Berangkat Dari Sebuah Lagu” has been broadcast exclusively on Vidio only on April 28, 2021 tonight. Purchase of concert tickets can be done through the Vidio application or the website with prices starting from IDR 95,000

Berangkat Dari Sebuah Lagu Virtual Concert

This concert invited various musicians who were born from across generations, such as The Bakuucakar, Mikha Angelo, Rendy Pandugo, Ahmad Abdul, Isyana Sarasvati, Rossa, Saxx In The City, Wanda Omar, and Andien. These musicians represented Glenn Fredly’s voice by bringing some of his songs at the virtual concert “Berangkat Dari Sebuah Lagu”.

All Musicians at BDSL Virtual Concert

There are so many stories about Glenn Fredly’s struggle to build an economic order for music and humanity in Indonesia. The energy that is always there and tireless for the welfare of Indonesian music has given birth to enthusiasm for the younger generation of art makers. Glenn Fredly always believes in cross-generation and newcomer innovation, this concert will be a flow of enthusiasm to accommodate his aspirations towards Glenn Fredly’s 25th work for Indonesia.

Glenn Fredly Deviano Latuihamallo

Good energy always comes from people who believe that hope is not only their own but also belongs to many people, you are love and history for me.” – Glenn Fredly Deviano Latuihamallo

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