Geng Gobyos was founded on March 2020, aiming to keep people fit and healthy during the pandemic, when they are unable to exercising or doing workouts in public facilities as such gym, fitness centre or other sports arena. Geng Gobyos are Indonesian slang words literally means “Sweaty Gank or Sweaty Club”.   

Riana Bismarak who is also a well seasoned woman entrepreneur is the founder of Geng Gobyos. Riana is a certified instructor for Pound Pro, ZIN (zumba & toning) and Strong Nation Instructor. When pandemic hit and we have to stay at home, she initiated 3 times a week LIVE workout classes with Cardio Toning concept through social media platform and can be joined by any one with different fitness level, and it is also very much fun because of how Riana conducted each class, the songs selection and the sports equipment that can be utilized even from your kitchenware.

Each class is usually participated by up until 300 people!

This year, Geng Gobyos is featuring a paid online workout concept that can be accessed 24-hours a day.  According to Riana, she received lots of comments and requests to join Geng Gobyos’ Class from all over Indonesia and even from abroad. Due to the time difference, these requests are difficult to be accommodated. “There are so many sports enthusiasts and members of Geng Gobyos from all over Indonesia and even from other countries. They’re unable to join the classes because I usually conduct my class at 7.00 PM, Jakarta Time. Or other example, the times to do exercise or workout for working women are different than those who are stay-at-home moms. Therefore, I initiated this Online Video of these workout sessions on our website for those who were unable to join the LIVE sessions.”

Very affordable packages are available to be subscribed start from Rp. 149,000 per month for 12 sessions or Rp. 399.000 per 3-month for 36 sessions. A package for Corporate is also available  After subscribed, all you need to do is login to

Because Workout Should Be Fun.. and can be done from anywhere at anytime!

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Riana Bismarak – Founder of Geng Gobyos