Inspired by Langham’s timeless elegance and impeccable  experience throughout the century, Barberia is now open at The Langham, Jakarta. Located at Chuan  Spa, 6th floor, Barberia is a gentleman’s luxury barber where excellence is truly assured. We offer  traditional shaving and hair services together with restorative grooming treatments for gentlemen. The  atmosphere is warm, elevated and somewhat a reminiscent of a private gentleman’s club wrapped in a  modern luxury backdrop. It delivers the highest standards of grooming experiences.

Initially established in 2011, when Barberia founders are met and shared their matching interest in  exploring their passion in barber culture. That meeting led to the birth of a new exciting concept of  barbershop. The aspiration was to bring the refinement of the past glory as at that time, barbershop  business remained one of the last vestiges for masculine refuge in metrosexual and androgynous social  frame. We were concerned with the fact that it became increasingly challenging to find a genuine place  for gentlemen that can do simple and straight forward trims and shaves that can also completely  understand their needs. We were bringing three renowned world-class barbers: Donny Hawley (founder  of Layrite), Carlos Ramos – Sugarskulls and Julius Cvesar who have international experiences in the  quintessential art of barbering, handling world-class personalities such as Tom Hanks, Robert De Niro,  Hugh Hefner, Billie Joe Armstrong, Johnny Knoxfille, Jared Leto and NBA players to name a few. It was  a successful one-week event full with seminars, workshops and trainings; attended by many barbers  across the country and also from Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. 

Our expertly trained and experienced barber team, many of whom have been working with our loyal  and very distinguished clientele preside over the 2 exceptional vintage barber chairs in a room with a  fresh reposeful ambience overlooking a stunning view of the city. Together with Langham’s signature  Chuan Spa, Barberia at The Langham, Jakarta integrates the wellness treatments to provide the  grooming experience for discerning gentlemen to relax, renew and pamper.

Barberia provides range of treatments, such as:

  • THE ROYAL 1865 GROOMING EXPERIENCE – Treatment Time 120 minutes ∙ SIGNATURE BARBERIA CUT – Treatment Time 60 minutes 
  • HEAD SHAVE – Treatment Time 60 minutes 
  • LITTLE GENTLEMAN – Treatment Time 60 minutes 
  • SHAMPOO & BLOW DRY – Treatment Time 25 minutes 
  • HAIR COLORING – Treatment Time 45 minutes 
  • BEARD TRIM – Treatment Time 35-45 minutes 
  • TRADITIONAL HOT TOWEL SHAVE – Treatment Time 45 minutes 
  • BEARD CONDITIONING TREATMENT – Treatment Time 45 minutes 
  • UNDER-EYE COLLAGEN TREATMENT – Treatment Time 30 minutes 
  • EAR CANDLE – Treatment Time 45 minutes 
  • BLACK MASK FACIAL – Treatment Time 35-45 minutes 
  • HAIR SPA – Treatment Time 45 minutes 
  • FACIAL MASSAGE – Treatment Time 30 minutes 
  • SCALP & SHOULDER MASSAGE – Treatment Time 30 & 60 minutes
  • FACIAL TREATMENTS* – Treatment Time 35-45 minutes 
  • MANICURE & PEDICURE* – Treatment Time 30-60 minutes 

After years of study, research and development, Barberia finally expanded our keen interest in mens’  grooming by launching our first premium hair styling products under the brand named 1925 Grooming  Co. in December 2019. Today, the brand has launched 2 types of pomade, a clay, a beard & body bar,  and 6 aromatic wood wick candles, 6 fog incense cones and developing more products to come.

For reservation, guests may call Barberia at +62 2708 7888, or visit to discover more offers.