Bags and shoes are some of the most important accessories to one’s style. However, most of these expensive, unique and branded bags and shoes get tucked away inside the closet collecting dust as it gets stained or worn-out over time. But fret not, below are a few trusted bags and shoes “spas” that can professionally clean up and rejuvenate these items and make them look good as new! Hurry up and make a spa appointment in one of these places so you can once again flaunt your beautiful bags and shoes for your next outing.

1. Color Wash

Color Wash is one of the most credible options where you can go to clean your bags and shoes that are made of various fabrics including leather, suede and animal skin. Here you can choose a variety of spa treatments for your bags and shoes including bio cleaning, general or color polishing, waterproofing, and stain removal. Aside from “washing”, Color Wash can also help repair minor damages to your bags or shoes.

– Plaza Indonesia
– Plaza Senayan
– Pondok Indah Mall II


2. Empire Indonesia

Originating from Hong Kong, Empire Indonesia is one of the most popular spas in town that is known to professionally handle high-end, branded shoes and bags such as Hermes, Chanel, Gucci, Dior and more. Empire Indonesia has the means to carefully clean sensitive fabrics, especially with cleaning materials that are imported from Italy and the help of their professional staff. Their treatment does not only make your branded bags and shoes look brand new but it is also durable, thereby adding to their shelf life.

Outlet: Grand Indonesia West Mall 

3. Jeeves 

Hailing from London, Jeeves is not only known for their excellent laundry and dry cleaning services, but also for treating high-end branded bags and shoes, covering those made of leathers, suede, and other fabrics as well as embellished ones. From specific treatments such as spot and rust cleaning to accessories polishing, general washing, and re-coloring, Jeeves has got all of your needs covered to ensure your bags and shoe look good as new.

Hang Lekir
Pondok Indah

IG: jeevesindonesia

4. Lovelo Professional Bag & Shoes Spa

Established since 2015, Lovelo Professional Bag & Shoes Spa offers various kinds of spa treatments for your beloved bags and shoes. Some of the most common treatments include re-shining, re-coloring, resealing, metal polishing and nano-coating, known to protect the bag’s fabric from discoloration, moisture, molds and further damages. Lovelo also offers repairs as well as edging, which refurbish damaged fabrics found on the edges of bags.

Emporium Pluit Mall
Lippo Mall Puri
Kuningan City
ITC Permata Hijau
Lotte Shopping Avenue 
Lippo Mall Kemang 

IG: lovelospa

5. Momoko Bag & Shoes Spa

Momoko Bag & Shoes Spa is one of the city’s favorite choices to treat branded bags and shoes, especially when it comes to restoring washed-out bags to its original color. From spot removal to refurbishing cracked materials, Momoko covers all kinds of treatments and uses quality products as well as techniques such as BioNano Coating to ensure your bags and shoes look brand new and remain durable after their treatment. 

Pacific Place 

IG: momoko.indonesia

6. Stop ‘N’ Go

Stop ‘N’ Go is one of the oldest bags and shoe repair services to have established in the town and is known for its quick fixes. Aside from general washing and cleaning of bags, shoes and other accessories, Stop ‘N’ Go is also great for quickly repairing minor issues such as a stuck zipper or a detached sole and a stubborn stain. And the best part, their services rarely require you to leave your items overnight or longer. 

The store, which has numerous branches in town also sells many products that can help make your items wearable and resilient for a longer period such as gel soles for shoes, special fabric polishes, coating sprays and much more.

– Plaza Indonesia
– Taman Anggrek
– Senayan City
– Kota Kasablanka
– Pacific Place
– Lotte Shopping Avenue
– Kemang Village
– MT Haryono
– Lippo Mall Puri
– Pluit Village
– Kelapa Gading Mall
– Gandaria City
– Pondok Indah


7. YBS (Your Bag Spa)

Unlike its name, YBS is not only exclusive to washing bags but also other accessories including shoes, wallets, and straps made of various fabrics such as leather, suede, and canvas. 

On top of advanced techniques and cleaning products, YBS also provides various spa treatments that involve retouching, re-coloring and reshaping your worn-out products. Their treatment also includes coating, which is an invisible water-resistant layer that not only protects leather bags from color transference but also against moisture, fungus, discolorations, and oxidization for up to eight months.  YBS is also able to repair minor scratches or tear on leather.

– Mall Kelapa Gading II
– Grand Indonesia Central Dept. Store 
– ID Brand Concept Store, Pantai Indah Kapuk
– Gandaria City
– Trans Studio Mall Cibubur

IG: yourbagspa

8. Cuci Factory

Cleaning Expert since 2016, Their team is currently conducting various research on shoe materials and also developing the best bag and shoe cleaning and care products they have used before, and been used in thousands of shoes every month, under the CF Labs brand.

IG: cucifactory

By: Divyha Pridhnani-Bhojwani