7. Pantja

Senopati’s newest addition to the bar and restaurant scene, Pantja brings about a new standard and experience to the Jakarta food and beverage industry. Co-owned by former Diageo Reserve Brand Ambassador Kabir Suharan and Chef Rapha Menchacha, these two know their craft and first opened their doors in October 2019. Since their first seating, reservations for the restaurant have been in high demand, with customers needing to make their bookings way in advance. Not surprising, as patrons have responded very well to the delicious menu formulated around Pantja’s three pillars of “Grain, Fire, and Farm.” Those looking for a drink can head upstairs to find a majestic bar welcoming you as you climb up the stairs. Their cocktail menu is a mix of classics and twists, offering different drinking experiences to their customers with every drink.

Favorite Cocktails:
Currently, the Pantja cocktail menu features different styles of drinks from punches to sours & fixes. Inspired by cocktail classics as early as the 19th century, one of their tipples on the menu has proven to be very popular among the local crowd, the Kafir Lime Gimlet. Pantja utilizes the kaffir lime, also known as jeruk purut, which is a staple in Indonesian cooking, to create a refreshing local twist to the classic Gimlet cocktail.

Highlight of 2019:
Pantja has a lot to be proud of in the first few months of opening to the public. A couple of bar takeovers has followed a successful launch, featuring international bar industry talents. The latest of whom is Colin Chia, an industry legend with over two decades of experience. The owner and founder of award-winning bars Nutmeg & Clove and #FindTheLockerRoom, brought some of his best cocktails to Jakarta.

What to Look Forward to:
Speaking of exciting things to come, looking into 2020, Pantja will be launching a new and expanded menu for the bar. The talented team behind the bar also plans to start developing their homemade liqueurs, to inject their signature flair and creativity into the cocktail menu.

Jl. Senopati No.37, Jakarta Selatan
P: +6221 5213010
IG: pantja.id

8. Social Garden

A perfect getaway from the concrete jungle that is Jakarta, Social Garden, is a much needed green oasis for the city folk. Decorated with a vast array of plants and other greenery, stepping into the establishment nearly feels like walking into a real garden. As you delve deeper, you’ll come across the bar overlooking the restaurant’s stepped patio with booths surrounded by greenery, giving off Hanging Gardens of Babylon vibes. The cocktail menu itself looks like it was handpicked from a magical garden, with refreshing tipples perfect for the scenery. Stunning presentation matched with delicious flavors, the Social Garden bar offers patrons a breath of fresh air in the middle of the big city.

Favorite Cocktails:
The cocktail menu, illustrated with artistic images of the drinks, gives customers a little visual taste of the tipples before ordering. One of their specialties is flamboyantly named the Carribean Potion of Youth. This rum-based mystical combination of coconut, mesoyi wood, and clarified milk protein draws in tropical and earthy flavors into one drink. Bright and bold, this signature drink has made it a trademark cocktail of the Social Garden bar.

Highlight of 2019:
During last year’s Jakarta Culinary Festival festivities, Social Garden hosted several world-class bartenders behind their garden bar. It also became the venue for various workshops and seminars contributed by industry leaders. The events drew industry people from all across the city. A week of non-stop bar action was a perfect way for the Social Garden to stamp its place among the Jakarta bar scene.

What to Look Forward to:
With a year of possibility ahead, it’ll be no surprise to expect a further expansion of their current menu and exciting events.

Social Garden
Senayan City, Jl. Asia Afrika, Jakarta Pusat
P: +6221 72781516
IG: social.garden

Written by: @Sip_Sensei – Tariq | Jakarta Liquorist”

An educator by day, Tariq Widarso is a cocktail enthusiast and home bartender behind the all-things-mixology Instagram page @sip_sensei. Using social media as a platform to educate and raise awareness about the world of cocktails, he aims to create a greater appreciation of the craft through his writing, events, workshops, and of course, his photography.