3. Djournal House

The first of its kind in Jakarta, Djournal House, is the beautiful love child of coffee and cocktails. The older and boozy brother of the Ismaya Group’s Djournal Coffee brand, Djournal House, caters to the casual coffee drinker and brunch goer, in which many Indonesians can relate. However, taking their motto of “coffee by day and cocktails by night” quite literally, the bar also serves up an impressive coffee twisted classic cocktails for even the most casual of drinkers. Situated on the Senopati strip, Djournal house is filled regularly with customers from the early morning to the late hours of the night. A casual neighborhood hangout spot and live music venue, it’s a new concept that is pioneering a coffee cocktail movement.

Favorite Cocktails:
Twisted classics with a significant emphasis on coffee, the Djournal House cocktail menu features easy-to-drink tipples for just about every coffee lover. A crowd favorite is the AeroPress Negroni that is a coffee twist on the bittersweet classic Negroni cocktail. A lovely combination of coffee flavors in their homemade infusions, the cocktail is served up using a coffee AeroPress for some dramatic flair.

Highlight of 2019:
Despite their casual take on the coffee cocktails, Djournal House takes their craft quite seriously. In August last year, the bar was taken over by world-renowned bartender David Ong. Owner of two awarded cocktail bars in the Philippines, he is known for his endeavors in the craft of coffee cocktails. For one night, he brought over a special menu of coffee tipples as part of the Jakarta Culinary Festival.

What to Look Forward to:
Without giving too much away, Djournal House will continue to bring to great vibes, great coffee, great cocktails, and great music to the patrons of Senopati strip this 2020.

Djournal House
Jl. Gunawarman No. 11A, Jakarta Selatan
P: +6221 27516939
IG: djournal.house

4. Double Chin Restaurant & Bar

Early in 2019, the ARTOTEL Thamrin had major renovations to complete a much-needed facelift. One of the most significant changes was the completion of the Double Chin Restaurant & Bar, located in the lobby of the artsy hotel. Symbolizing good fortune and happy relationships, the pan-Asian themed restaurant provides for an exciting modern dining experience. Opening earlier in the year, the beautiful lobby bar carries fun and classy cocktail program, invigorating the quiet cocktail culture of the neighborhood.

Favorite Cocktails:
The extensive cocktail menu of Double Chin makes it challenging to pick a favorite. However, the Let Me In.K has proven to be the favorite from day one. An elegant and totally Instagrammable cocktail; this tipple is a twist on the classic Aviation cocktail in the most elegant manner. The garnish is a drop of their homemade edible violet ink, which swirls in the drink in the most mesmerizing way. Have your camera ready when you order this cocktail!

Highlight of 2019:
Filling up their calendar last year with a string of bar takeovers by bartenders from Indonesia and abroad, Double Chin can take pride in their focus on supporting local talent. With local favorites such as Elva Buana Agung, Laura Prabowo, Anggie Lawalata, Demitria Paramita, Mirwansyah “Bule,” and Santos gracing the Double Chin lobby bar, they are leading the push for local pride behind the bar in the city of Jakarta.

What to Look Forward to:
Both restaurant and bar will be making extensive changes to their menus as they progress into the new year. Creating exciting changes to inject more color into the food and drink culture available in their neighborhood.

Double Chin Restaurant & Bar
Jl. Sunda, Jakarta Pusat
P: +62 8558112233
IG: doublechin_jkt