After a long wait, art anthusiasts in Jakarta can finally visit Museum Macan again from 17 November 2018 – 10 March 2019! This time, the museum will present three major solo presentations by conceptual artists; Arahmaiani, Lee Mingwei, and On Kawara.

Continue to present major exhibitions by revolutionary conceptual artists from Southeast Asia and the wider region, Museum Macan is going to a surprising direction. Despite the successful past exhibition with Yayoi Kusama, the team refuses to offer a similar intragamable experience to the visitors. Instead, it will invite audiences to enjoy the performances with all their senses, no camera in between. There will be activities throughout the museum that can be participated voluntarery, created by the three artists.

The three presentations seems to have a red thread as well. The three artists explore topics that related to humanity, existantial issues, culture, and religion.

Lee Mingwei especially, is highlighting human existence as a small part of the bigger universe. At the same time, however, he also put the importance of individuality, current moments, and relationship. You can see a glimps of his philosophy in ‘Seven Stories’ at the museum, and be part of his interactive installations.

Lee Mingwei Seven Stories installation

Meanwhile artist Arahmaiani has her works from the 80’s until today presented. Over 70 pieces that include paintings, installations, and re-enactments of iconic performances will be unveiled to the public. Her works combines art and social activism with a focus on issues such as cultural diversity, religion, consumerism and womanhood. With international recognition and regular participation in international events such as Asia-Pacific Triennial and 50th Venice Biennale, Museum MACAN aims to create further opportunity for the Indonesian public to learn about and appreciate the artist’s works.

Arahmaiani The Past Has Not Passed

Lastly, On Kawara’s instalations called the reading of One Million Years will be presented for the first time in Indonesia. For this presentation, male and female volunteers will atlernately read out dates from his multi-volume collection that noting each year over a specific millennium.

Get ready to be immersed into an artistic journey this November until March next year! Find out more about Museum Macan and its ongoing program here: