Consistently innovating with the menu, Poach’d Brunch & Coffee House comes with its newest dishes, Indonesian Specials menu. Inspired by Indonesian cuisine, the following two menus I tried are created with some exciting twist. I can say it was an experience of eating Indonesian food that pleasingly uncommon in Jakarta.

Sate Padang Rib Eye (Padang Rib Eye Satay)

The first menu that I tried was Padang Rib Eye Satay. Some of you may have already tried Sate Padang which is a typical food from West Sumatra. For some of you who haven’t tasted it, this well-known dishes among Indonesians is a beef tongue satay, grilled over charcoal, and served with thick Padang style curry sauce and lontong or rice cake. Like any other Padang dishes, this food is so flavorful and rich in spices. This dish also has a very appetizing and alluring aroma.

Sate Padang Rib Eye

Being one of the most favorite traditional foods for Jakartans, Poach’d doesn’t want to miss including that dish in their special menu. But, of course, the restaurant puts its creativity into its signature Sate Padang Rib Eye. It is a Padangnese gravy poured over skewers of juicy US rib-eye, served with saffron lentils risotto. When this food was being presented in front of me, the aroma of the spices immediately burst. Suddenly I was very hungry and can’t wait to devour this attractive dish.

After took one stick of the satay, I was so content. I consider it is a good move to replace the beef tongue with rib-eye. The chewy yet soft texture in cow tongue is quite represented by the rib-eye texture. In addition, the sauce is very rich in flavor, thanks to the Indonesian spices used in the dish. Then, I continued to the most interesting part, lentils risotto cooked with saffron. The lentils risotto is served with the right portion and tends to be mild and light. So, don’t be afraid of being too full after eating this dish. Eating both of them together, you can taste how all the flavors just blend perfectly. The pickled red onions are also able to increase the taste of this dish. It was definitely a new experience for me eating Sae Padang.

Ikan Goreng Manado (Manado Pan-Fried Fish)

Moving on to the second menu, which was Manado Pan-Fried Fish. It is a pan-fried Dory with woku Manado gravy style, alongside grilled rice and sauteed garlic baby beans. Indonesian cuisine is known for its rich and spicy marinade. That is clearly presented through this dish. I was starting with the Dory fish that coated with seasoned flour, where all the flavors of the fish come from. Because it is cooked in the pan-fried way, this fish is sure not greasy. The texture of the flour is crispy and soft at the same time. As well as the texture of the fish, which is very delicate and fits the Manado woku sauce.

Ikan Goreng Manado

To balance the taste of the Dory fish which is quite salty, it must be eaten with the nasi bakar or grilled rice. I have to warn you that it contains burning sambal matah made of red cayenne pepper and onions. But anyway, that’s what makes this dish even more exciting to eat. It could increase your appetite as well! To get rid of the burning taste, I ate them with sauteed baby beans served together with the entire dish.

Other than the two dishes above, Poach’d also comes with another Indonesian menu, Ayam Bakar Taliwang (Taliwang Grilled Chicken). This typical food from Lombok is famous for its spicy flavor. The Poach’d’s version is using a half chicken (roughly 600 grams), marinated with its signature creation of Taliwang sauce. It is also served with Plecing Kangkung, grilled rice, and Indonesian style salad. After trying the two menus above, I couldn’t wait to come back here and try that dish.

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