From May 3-12, 2018 Europe on Screen will be back in for the 18th time, bringing even more films, 93 films from 24 European countries to Jakarta.  You can watch from documentary, those on the box office list, to the award winning films. But as choosing from those bunch of good films is not an easy task, we’re here to pick you 8 features that we recommend to watch.

1. The Breadwinner


Synopsis: From executive producer Angelina Jolie and based on Deborah Ellis’ bestselling novel, the film tells the story of Parvana who disguises herself as a boy in order to provide for her family after her father is wrongfully arrested. Parvana’s adventurous journey is often tried and tested. Is a will of iron enough to survive in a man’s world?

Awards: Nominated for Best Animated Feature Film at 90th Academy Awards 2018, Nominated for Best Motion Picture – Animated at Golden Globes 2018, Won Best Animated Feature at Toronto Film Critics Association Awards 2017

2. My Big Night (Mi Gran Noche)


Synopsis: This film shows how the lives of extras, producers, singers and hosts of a TV program crash during the taping of a New Year’s Eve program that is produced four months in advance. Chaos is only a small part of the game in this hilarious comedy.

Awards: Won Best Actor in a Supporting Role at Feroz Awards 2016, Nominated for Best Supporting Actor at Cinema Writers Circle Award 2016, Nominated for Best Costume Design, Best Sound, Best Production Design and Best Special Effects at Goya Awards 2016

3. Barbara


Synopsis: Reality and imaginary world merge as director Yves Zand and his muse, Brigitte, start making a film about famous French singer, Barbara. This is their contemplative journey.

Awards: Won Un Certain Regard Poetry of Cinema Award, Cannes Film Festival 2017, Won Best Actress, Best Sound, Cesar Awards, 2018, Won Best Actress, Best Cinematography, Lumiere Awards 2017

4. A Ciambra


Synopsis: Pia Amato is impatient to grow up and assert his masculinity. At the age of 14, he smokes and drinks, following his older brother everywhere. After his brother gets arrested, Pia sets out to prove that he can fill his brother’s shoes and become a man.

Awards: Italy’s official submission for Best Foreign Language category, 90th Academy Awards, 2018, Won Label Europa Cinemas, Cannes Film Festival, 2017

5. Bram Fischer (An Act of Defiance)


Synopsis: This is a powerful true story about Bram Fischer, a lawyer who risked his life and freedom in apartheid South Africa when he defended Nelson Mandela in 1963.

Awards: Won Best Actor and Best Screenplay of Feature Film and nominated for Best Film, Netherlands Film Festival, 2017, Won World Cinema Independent Audience Award, Mill Valley Film Festival, 2017

6. At Eye Level (Auf Augenhöhe)

Germany/Comedy, Drama/2016

Synopsis: An eleven-year-old orphan, Michi, finds out that his biological father is a midget. After being the object of ridicule by his friends, he runs away and ends up living with said father, Tom.

Awards: Won Best Film, Valladolid International Film Festival, 2016 Won Kinderfilmfest Audience Award, Munich Film Festival, 2016

7. Thelma


Synopsis: Thelma, a religious girl, has just left her family to study in Oslo. Soon she starts to develop a powerful attraction toward her friend, and discovers that her feelings trigger inexplicable supernatural powers she is unable to control.

Awards: Norway’s official submission for Best Foreign Language category, 90th Academy Awards 2018, Won Norwegian Film Critics Awards at Norwegian International Film Festival 2017, Won Best Foreign Language Film at Indiewire Critics’ Poll 2017

8. Quit Staring at My Plate (Ne Gledaj Mi U Pijat)


Synopsis: When Marijana’s father has a stroke, she becomes the new head of her dysfunctional family that consists of her frumpy mother, her mentally impaired brother and her domineering father. With two jobs on the lookout and occasional sex with random strangers, her newfound independence leaves her wanting more.

Awards: Croatia’s official submission Best Foreign Language category, 90th Academy Awards, 2018, Won Best Euro-Mediterranean Film (Fedora Award), Venice Film Festival, 2016, Won Best Director, Tokyo International Film Festival, 2017

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