Bored of the same old routine every year? Or maybe you’re just squeamish of the cliche and wants to get away as far as possible from everything pink and heart-shaped for that second week of February. Whatever the reason and however you want to approach the day, here are some date ideas that we think still makes a great couple activity to do in any day of the year:

1. A date in the sky 

helicopter trip jakarta

In addition to in-city transportation purposes (Sudirman to BSD in 5 minutes!), Heli City is a brand new servicealso has a leisure city tour program to offer a view of Jakarta from above. This makes a great place to enjoy the evening and hold hands (especially if one of you is scared of heights!)

Price is Rp. 5,6 jt / helicopter flight with customisable route.

HeliCity Indonesia
Facebook: HeliCityIndonesia
IG: @helicityindonesia
Twitter: @HeliCityIDN
Phone: 0811-9331-111 or 1500484

2. Learn to Tango

Tango is one of the most sensual form of dance in the planet, and it makes a perfect date night activity. Every Wednesday, The Jakarta’s tango club hosts milongas (dance workshops) for beginners and regulars alike at Samsara Jakarta. But this, Valentine’s day, they are holding a special Valentine’s Party. Contact FB: jakartatangodance

3. Go ice skating

ice skating couple

It’s cold, it requires balances (read: holding hands), it’s lots of fun; few hours at the rink makes as great date alternative, whether you’ve done it before or not! This is the perfect time to try it at least once in your life, and who else to do it with other than with your SO. If you can’t skate together, at least you can fall on your tush together!

Ice rinks in Jakarta: BX Rink, Bintaro Xchange Mall or Taman Anggrek Sky Rink.

4. Karaoke Double Date

Who made the rule that you it should just be the two of you? Set up a fun date night with a couple that is just as fun as yourself and karaoke the night away. Pick the cheesiest love songs ever to sing together, or make it fun and tag team and let the other team sing it!

5.  ‘Escape’ a room together!

escape rooms jakarta

It’s time to do something new this year! Try one of the many exciting escape rooms that Jakarta has that surely will make you and your significant other giddy with fun. There’s the Pandora Experience, that has the most story lines and difficulty levels, Exitway Studio, both in Puri Indah, Escape Huntin Kemang, Xcape Indonesiain PIK, Lockdownin Alam Sutera,Portals Escapein Gading Serpong, Totem Room in PIK.

6.  Join a walking tour

jakarta heritage walking tour jakarta (4)

This is a great way to explore Jakarta’s less traveled sides beyond the malls. You can try the newly launched Heritage Walking Tour at Jakarta’s Kota Tua (Old Town), or the Jakarta Food Tour every Sunday that takes you to the alleys and corners of Glodok, our Chinatown that is filled with amazing food stalls that you can’t find anywhere else.

7.  Brunch it up

If a ‘serious’ dining isn’t really your thing take a rain check on your date and splurge on a casual brunch in the many places in Jakarta that offers it. Prepare the flowers, grab her hands and take her to some of these favourite brunch spots for a chill lovey dovey time.

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