Cool and creative gift ideas you can give to your lover in this Valentine’s day:

1. Alacarte Subscription

Special for the gourmand couples, this is the one gift you can enjoy together. Club Alacarte gives you straightforward Buy-1-Get-1 dining privileges ranges from appetizers to main course, desserts and cocktails in 100 of Jakarta’s best. Membership starts from IDR 199,000 and you can get additional 15% off for downloading the Premium Membership with the What’s New Jakarta promo code: WNJ18. Go Get AlaCarte here and check out the recommended restaurants to try it in.

2. Chocolate Bouquet

Chocolate? Flower? How about a combo of both?! This fun bouquet is perfect for your chocolate lover boy/girlfriend that thinks that flowers are ‘just too look at’.

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3. A Masterclass from World’s Best

Inspire the person that inspires you; Masterclass offers comprehensive online classes from world’s renowned artists and professionals such as acting (taught by Helen Mirren, Samuel L Jackson), cooking (taught by Gordon Ramsey, Alice Waters, Wolfgang Puck), Photography (taught by Annie Leibovitz), and even Dance Music (taught by Armin Van Buren and Deadmau5).

4. Custom Printed Photos

Remember when pictures used to be printed on papers and put up on walls? If you miss being able to look at your pictures beyond your phone screens, here’s a simple idea to surprise your SO: lets you upload your photos from their website or appand send it back to you printed in whatever size and media you want. We personally love the polaroid style photos.

5. Custom Leather Goods

For the lady or gentleman with the classic taste; gift a personalized leather item that will last a long while. Local artisans like Raw Footwearin Kemang makes a wide range of excellent genuine leather products from shoes, wallet, bags, and accessories.

6. A Stamp of His/Her Face

An adorable gift that will let you literally stamp your face on stuff. Gift doesn’t get any more personal than this!

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7. Custom Illustration of You and Your Significant Other

Order a specially made caricature of yourself or your lover from your favorite photo, and frame it as a perfect gift. Tip: there are lots of talented illustrators based in Jakarta that you can check out in Instagram, such as Samantha Lo @sam.does.arts(pictured)


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