The frying pan is one of the most important kitchen utensils for daily cooking activities. Especially for us Indonesians who really like fried foods. There are many types and sizes of frying pans that are sold in the market. For those who don’t want the hassle of buying a frying pan of different sizes separately, a frying pan set can be a solution. Producers of cooking wear seem to be competing to produce frying pan set products. Here we select ten of our best version of the product for reference.


For those of you who have a limited budget, there’s nothing wrong with choosing this frying pan set. The main material is aluminum and does not use PFOA material as its nonstick component. When using this pan, it is recommended that you use a wooden or plastic spatula so that the surface is not scratched.

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2. BOLDe Super Pan Beige Granite Series

This set contains three kinds of pan, namely sauce pan plus cover, wok pan, and frying pan. This product uses eco green technology which is environmentally friendly and free of harmful chemicals. Not only that, this BOLDe Super Pan Beige has a thickness of 3 mm which is claimed to be twice as thick as other brands. The combination of a thick pan with an induction bottom makes this skillet to control the temperature very well.

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3. Oxone OX-03FP

This frying pan set is suitable for those of you who avoid oil consumption because of its excellent non-stick ability. Even if you cook without oil, the ingredients will not be sticky because the marble coating. The handle grip is made of stainless steel which is very good to grip. This frying pan can also be used for induction hobs.

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4. Lock N Lock Fry Pan

The frying pan weighs only 0.5 kg, which will make cooking activities lighter and easier. The wok handle is provided with a bakelite finish that protects your hands from the heat of the pan. Also, this pan set can sweeten the appearance of your kitchen with a unique soft red pattern on the bottom. Not only as a decoration, but this pattern also serves to distribute heat better.

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5. Happycall Brillo Diamond Frying Pan

This product will be suitable for those of you who are looking for a premium quality frying pan set. This product is made of forged aluminum, with three layers of diamond on the inside and two layers of porcelain on the outside. The combination of high-quality ingredients results in a durable, non-stick, and non-scratch wok set.

The advanced non-stick coating makes it very easy to clean, even with a wash of a cleaning cloth. In addition to cooking time, your washing time will also be shortened. The handle material is made of bakelite for a more comfortable and non-slip grip.

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6. MODENA Cookware Reinmar ZU 2630

MODENA Cookware Reinmar ZU 2630. Made of backlite technology, where the material on the handle can prevent heat on the wall of the pan, so that your hands will not feel the heat when cooking. The vintage green color in Reinmar’s Modena Cookware series adds to the splendor of your kitchen when displayed with other Modena cooking utensils.

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7. Maxim Valentino

This frying pan is equipped with a Teflon coating which is non-stick and easy to clean. In particular, this frying pan set has received certification from DuPont.