You love traveling and want a more endearing, non-mainstream, or exotic travel experience yet still able enjoy the luxury of traveling itself? Here are Indonesia’s travel agents  to fulfill those needs.


1. Hana Tour

Photo: Hana Tour 

A perfect tour agent for you to experience and get to know more about South Korea culture. Offers you to visit some of South Korea’s cultural and historical places with such beautiful landscapes. From the exotic Busan, vintage spots at Incheon, beautiful Jeju island, and some temples located at the deep mountains of South Korea’s provinces. You can also enjoy some amazing activities, such as hiking, skiing, and horse riding at the most charming places around South Korea.


Hana Tour Jakarta
Address: Graha Pena unit 803, Kebayoran Lama. No.12, Jakarta 12210
Phone: (+6221) 22121769
Facebook: HanaTour Jakarta
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2. dREAMSCAPE Travel Network and Club


With the purpose of giving an unforgettable travel experience, dREAMSCAPE appears as a travel company with some of amazing VIP programs. Its main focus is to celebrate holidays and relaxing in style with friends and family by visiting exciting locations abroad. The company also promises that the traveler will have a unique experience with highest level of service and valuable new perspectives of the world. You will be experiencing the nature of an exotic place, trying traditional culinary, or enjoying your days with the locals.

dREAMSCAPE Indonesia
Address: Komp. Ruko Darmawangsa Square No. 29, Jl Darmawangsa VI, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta 12160
Phone: (+6221) 2277 0178
est for: Luxury travel, custom tours.

3. Etaporama Xplore 

Photo: Etaporama

Do you always want to travel to a non-mainstream locations like Tibet, Ladakh, or even Siberia? Etaporama would be the best company for you. Hosted by a group of friends with shared passion on traveling, Etaporama is an Indonesia based agency specializing in super-exotic destinations. You can either create your own group tours or join the open trips to exotic destinations such as Iran, Namibia, Flores, Kyrgyzstan, many more exotic countries and locations.

Etaporama Xplore
Address: Jl. D. Semayang No.102, Bendungan Hilir, Tanah Abang, Jakarta 10210
Facebook: Etaporama
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4. Kakaban Trip 

Experience traveling to Indonesia’s most exotic locations with private or VIP programs by Kakaban Trip. This tour agent will bring you to get closer to the beautiful nature, the culture and also the amazing culinary of Indonesia. Some of the best locations they will get you are Wakatobi, Raja Ampat, Komodo Island, Flores, and Bunaken. There, you can enjoy snorkeling, sailing, to meeting Orang Utans. Not only providing private traveling with your friends or family, Kakaban Trip also have some interesting package, such as honeymoon trip or company gathering.

Kakaban Trip
Address: Puri Imperium – UG.21, Jl. Kuningan Madya Kav. 5-6, Guntur, Jakarta 12980
Phone: +62812-1188-8999
acebook: Kakaban Trips
est for: Indonesian diving or regular trips with varying budget range; from affordable to luxury.

5. ATJ (Asia Transpacific Journey) 

ATJ has been awarded by Travel + Leisure prestigious World’s Best Awards’ as one of the 10 Best Tour Operators in the World, and its travel specialist. Other than Indonesia, ATJ can also take you to locations in Asia and the Pacific, including Australia, Fiji, Bhutan, China, Turkey doing some activities, like snorkeling, sea kayaking, cruising, visiting historical places, interact with locals, and many more.

Facebook: ATJTravel
est for: Family tours, specialized Indonesian tours  or other Asian and Southeast Asian Countries.

5. Butik Trip

Established by PT. Jalan Terus Indonesia, Butik Trip appears with sustainable tourism system. Take you to a memorable adventure at the most exotic locations in Indonesia. The tour agent also provides you with a comfortable trip by experiencing some activities, such as diving, cultural tour, craft tour, history tour, culinary tour, etc. Other than that, you can also do some charity while traveling with Butik Trip. One of their programs is bringing one book with you on your trip to be donated to the location you’re visiting.

Butik Trip
Address: Jl. Cililin no. 11, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta 12170
Phone : +6221 727 92 903
Facebook: BUTIK TRIP
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