Listed as one of our best boutique hotels in Jakarta, we’re always looking forward to staying in Kosenda Hotel Jakarta. And when finally we had that chance, we found many things to boast about this eclectic hotel. To sum it all, we list down five reasons why we love Kosenda Hotel.

1. Stylish with a personal touch

One of the key characters of a boutique hotel is the distinctive individuality put into the whole concept of the hotel. Kosenda Hotel prevails that concept which is coming from the owner’s, Ruben Kosenda, love of interior design. In the heart of Jakarta, Kosenda Hotel stands like a beacon of design and originality. Part 21st century architectural landmark, part mid-century aesthetic, the hotel delivers a fun and funky concept.

Entering the hotel, you will be welcomed by these prominent ornaments at what we usually called a lobby lounge. Which is for us, it’s more like a living room of a comfy house, but more vibrant. You can find many nifty decorations, from a bookshelf, wooden chairs, and tables, classic-style leather sofas, to other vintage-style small details. All of them were handpicked by Mr. Kosenda himself and his wife, Maya Kosenda, with the help of Domisilium Studio. That A-list interior designer used Kosenda Hotel as its canvas. The studio has custom-designed the furniture, lighting, and products in order to establish an ease and effortlessness throughout the hotel.

2. Comfort room with character

Mrs. Kosenda explains that the hotel’s main aspiration is to highlight the city’s identity with the touch of modernity and sustainability. This concept then applied in 60 rooms provided in the hotel. Each room oozes with Jakarta’s character where you can feel the comfort of staying in your own home. We were staying at the Petita room, where Kosenda Hotel has two other types of room, such as Comforta and Spatia.

The Petita is designed with simplicity and purity. The room has a strong sense of character with elegant furnishings, modern amenities, and luxurious bathroom cosmetics. As well as handcrafted kimonos and batik sandals to add the local flair into it. The room is also decorated with paintings that tell the story about the city. Adding the modern touch into the room, the satellite and cable television, international power points, iPod dock, and WiFi are included.

3. It’s in the heart of Jakarta

Located in the heart of bustling Jakarta, the hotel is near great shopping facilities and provides easy access to all of the business districts and other major attractions in Jakarta. It is just a mere stone’s throw away to South East Asia’s biggest textile market, Tanah Abang. As well as easy access to venture the China Town in old Jakarta area or marvel at the remnants of the city’s Dutch colonial history (Passer Baroe, Jakarta Art Building, Cathedral Church).

If you love to shop, the city’s most popular antique furniture shops are located around the hotel, such as Jalan Surabaya, Kemang, Sarinah, and other local suburban markets. For the mall, Kosenda Hotel is also near Grand Indonesia where you can just hop from there to another luxurious shopping mall, Plaza Indonesia. 

4. Miscellaneous hang out places

Hanging out inside the hotel could be a good choice if you’re not in the mood for Jakarta’s traffic and scorching heat weather. Kosenda Hotel provides many spots for guests to spend their day, either it’s reading book, casual meeting, or just simply chatting with friends. Starting with Tick Tock Lounge which is located in every second level. The place offers a relaxing space to refresh and relax for guests. There is also Waha Kitchen where you can savor the lavish Peranakan cuisine. It is decked with simple yet elegant wooden chair and tables.

The other one is 127 Cafe where you can enjoy some of its smooth artisan coffee made by talented baristas. Chilling here and experience the feel of hanging out in your backyard. The place is decorated with plants and the humorous murals made by local artists, Sanchia T. Hamidjaja and Triyadi Guntur Wiratmo. The murals depict a present day of Jakarta as well as the story of the city’s past. Kosenda Hotel also has AWAN lounge on the 9th floor where you can have small bites and beers in an open-air rooftop surrounded by lush gardens.

5. Sustainable essentials

For the love to Mother Earth, Kosenda Hotel supports natural products and sustainable essentials. Though decorated with well-known designer’s furniture and ornaments, some things in this hotel are made of reusable materials. Pillowcase in the lobby lounge, amenities cases, and stylish kimonos all are made of unused fabrics from a textile factory. The hotel also provides its own soap, shampoo, lotion, and conditioner made of natural ingredients. You can even purchase the bath amenities in the front office.

The goal of the hotel for business and leisure travelers in Jakarta is actually to ensure that all of its guests are completely satisfied with their stay. As the ones who experience staying here, we were definitely satisfied with Kosenda Hotel’s great yet humble hospitality. 

Kosenda Hotel Jakarta
Jl. KH. Wahid Hasyim No.127, Kb. Kacang, Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat 10240
Phone: +6221 31936868
Fax: +6221 31936767

Profile of the Month: Maya Kosenda, Owner of Kosenda Hotel Jakarta