As the sustainable lifestyle is getting increasingly intensified, support that comes for that is getting bigger. There are many platforms to help individuals to participate in this thoughtful lifestyle. Including some e-commerce in Indonesia which are selling sustainable products, ranging from those with small to a massive market.

1. Sustaination

Sustaination is an all-in-one platform where you can learn more about sustainable and minimal waste lifestyles and shop for selected eco-friendly products. The platform also wants to show that sustainable goods are not inexpensive, strange, difficult, require a lot of time, or depend on the government. Products you can find here are ranging from the straw kit, menstruation pad, reusable product bag, bamboo toothbrush, to eco-friendly soaps.

2. demibumi

demibumi is made to help educate the public about the importance of starting a sustainable life. One of them is to reduce the use of disposable plastics that produce waste, cannot be decomposed, and pollutes the soil and oceans. That’s why you can find many disposable and eco-friendly products from grocery, kitchen, to bathroom essentials. Buy your cassava bag, eco-friendly shampoo, or Beeswax food wrap with relatively affordable price.

3. Zero Waste Indonesia

Zero Waste Indonesia (ZWID) is the first online-based community and advocacy in Indonesia with the aim of inviting Indonesians to live a zero waste lifestyle (Zero Waste Lifestyle). Zero Waste Lifestyle is a lifestyle to minimize the production of waste produced by each individual who will end up in a landfill in an effort to preserve the environment. So, you can buy various high-quality products made of recycled trash as well as other sustainable products, such as bamboo straw, water filter, menstrual pads, and more.

4. Tokopedia/Navakara

Participating in a sustainable lifestyle, Tokopedia contributes by being a trusted online shop platform to sell eco-friendly products in Indonesia. One of the shops highlighted by the platform is Navakara where you can buy limited eco-friendly products. Buy your stylish bamboo toothbrush as well as compostable spoons and forks in here.

5. Bukalapak/Salur Indonesia

Also as a trusted platform for a sustainable lifestyle, Bukalapak comes with a different approach through Salur Indonesia. Instead of selling eco-friendly or recycled products, the shop sells pre-loved clothes. The products are surely carefully curated and mostly from branded fashion.