Having pets are a big responsibility. They are living beings that need constant love, care, and attention – the kind you would also give to a child. And these creatures require the right kind of supplies to help them with their growth and well-being. From food, medicine, toys, grooming products, training essentials and more – each and every pet deserves nothing but the best.

While it is easy to spot several small pet stores sprouting around town offering limited pet products, most of the big ones, which offer a more comprehensive and quality range of pet products, are scarcely located. You are lucky if you live pretty close to one, but for those who do not, it is extremely inconvenient to commute to various pet stores to obtain your pet’s essentials especially with Jakarta’s ongoing traffic issue. And so… enter Online Pet Stores. Below are a few trusted online pet stores in Jakarta, which not only allows you to buy your favorite products simply by clicking a button but also deliver it to your home.

1. De Puppy

De Puppy is an online pet store that caters exclusively to dogs. From food, supplements, grooming items, feeding and training tools, dog beds to accessories and quality clothes including those that are handmade and imported, De Puppy ensures that your dog friends get the utmost top quality of pet supplies.

T: (+62 819) 3153 2355
E: order@depuppy.com

2. Jakarta Best Pet Shop

Jakarta Best Pet Shop offers a wide range of pet products online specifically focused on dogs and cats, which includes popular brands such as Pro Pac, Whiskas, Sleeky, Happi Dog, Smart Bones, Friskies and more. Ordering from this website is a little different compared to other online stores as you are required to contact them to ensure the stock of a particular product is available first, then check-out your order via a bank transfer. While it is a slightly more complicated process, the website encourages this type of two-way communication because it also allows you to ask important questions, get more detailed information on products or receive better recommendations. You could also always directly contact the number without visiting the website over and over again to re-order certain products.

T: (+62811) 958 372 or (+62851) 0270 3012
E: jakartabestpetshop@gmail.com

3. Lush Pet & Co

Lush Pet & Co is an online pet store that aims to provide only “natural” products for your four-legged friends. Inspired by the owner’s own struggles to find appropriate products for their pets’ health conditions, Lush Pet & Co dedicates their site to find and sell pet food, treats, and supplements made only from natural ingredients to keep your pets healthy and potentially reduce certain ailments including allergies, digestive disorders and more. Most of their products are imported brands from Japan, USA, and Canada.

T: (+62811) 1190 440 or (+6221) 5221 510

4. Peata.id

At Peata.id, you can find a range of supplies to cater to different types of pets, which include dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, and reptiles. On top of the essential requirements such as wet and dry food, grooming products, toys, and accessories, you will also be able to obtain certain types of medicines, supplements and even cute outfits for your beloved animal friends here. You could get your orders delivered on the very same day provided it has been checked-out (paid for) before 3 pm on Mondays to Saturdays.

T: (+62812) 929 2288
E: peata.id@gmail.com

5. Pet Shop Indonesia

Not only can you find a wide range of supplies for common pets such as dogs, cats, fish and small birds here, Pet Shop Indonesia also offers special products to cater to more exotic animals like parrots and snakes. You can find almost anything on the site’s comprehensive list of supplies, from basic needs such as food, medicines, accessories and training essentials to more specific items such as pump and filters for aquariums, different kinds of terrariums and other breeding requirements such as incubators, lighting and heating fixtures and more.

T: (+62) 812 1212 9775

By: Divyha Pridhnani-Bhojwani