1945 Restaurant, an upscale Indonesian restaurant at Fairmont Jakarta, officially received Halal certification from the Halal Inspection Agency, Lembaga Pengkajian Pangan, Obat-obatan dan Kosmetika, Majelis Ulama Indonesia or known as LPPOMMUI (Institute for the Study of Food, Drugs and Cosmetics, the Indonesian Ulema Council) since the mid of 2021. This is done to provide a sense of security and comfort for all guests, as well as supporting the development of the halal lifestyle in Jakarta. With this certification, 1945 Restaurant is the only halal-certified restaurant in a five-star hotel in Jakarta.

As a form of gratitude for this achievement, 1945 Restaurant collaborated with JENAHARA – a modest clothing wear brand – to present a special culinary experience with the latest fashion show collection from the METANOIA Vol 3 series. The event which was held on Thursday, November 25, 2021, was also supported by Bank Syariah Indonesia, Majelis Ulama Indonesia (Indonesian Ulema Council), Accor Hotels and Indonesia Halal Lifestyle Center.

“As a five-star hotel, we are committed to provide a sense of security and comfort for all our guests and we recognize the importance of consuming halal food for muslims. In addition to presenting a delicious menu and comfortable atmosphere, we want to ensure that the dishes served are in accordance with halal procedures. We are proud to be the pioneers of halal restaurants in five-star hotels in Jakarta and on this occasion we are very pleased to be collaborating with JENAHARA, as a well-known muslim fashion designer to promote the fascinating halal lifestyle,” explained Carlos Monterde, General Manager of Fairmont Jakarta.

On this occasion, guests were served special menus at 1945 Restaurant which presents the taste of Indonesian cuisine from various regions cooked using premium and quality ingredients, as well as modern cooking methods. Chef de Cuisine at 1945 Restaurant, Oscar Kusumawijaya, said that the menu in 1945 is designed to be served in a ‘family style’. This reflects how the culture of Indonesian society prioritizes togetherness when dining.

Lunch was opened with Lumpia Bebek (Duck Spring Rolls with Betutu mayonnaise sauce), followed by Pecal Kembang made from various vegetables with cashew nut sauce and sprinkled with edible flowers. Next, there was the typical 1945 Oxtail Sop, which is served boneless with a clear, savory sauce that makes it easy to eat. For the main course there was Ikan Kakap Merah Sisik, which was fried crispy and topped with curry sauce and torch ginger. One of the main menus in 1945 was the Maranggi Wagyu Tomahawk which was served live by the Chef. Wagyu Tomahawk which has been marinated with maranggi seasoning then grilled to perfection over charcoal. This menu is served with several side dishes, such as savory glutinous rice with lime leaves and stir-fried papaya flowers. For dessert there is Es Teler Cheesecake, which is made of coconut cheesecake, avocado, jackfruit gel and coconut tuile.

As the name implies “1945” refers to the year of Indonesia’s independence – an important milestone in Indonesia’s history to become a free and modern nation. Halal certification is a manifestation of the 1945 Restaurant’s efforts to keep moving forward – innovating and exploring in order to develop Indonesian cuisine. Now guests can enjoy a fine dining experience and feel even more comfortable considering that everything served in the restaurant is Halal.

Fairmont Jakarta is committed to always implementing health protocols in all hotel and restaurant operations to ensure a satisfying dining experience. For more information or reservations, call +62 (21) 2970 3333, WhatsApp +815915 9247 or email diningreservations.jakarta@fairmont.com.

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