Not like Padang or Sundanese restaurant, a restaurant that serves exclusively Balinese cuisine isn’t the most common in in Jakarta. Probably that’s the reason why so many people here are usually long for Balinese cuisine, especially right after visiting the island. Well, though it’s not that much, we can still find some Balinese restaurants in this city that serve Bali’s authentic cuisine and ambiance.

1. Putu Made

Named as one of the best Balinese restaurants in Jakarta, Putu Made serves authentic Balinese cuisine with a bit of modern twist. Presented by Chef Mandif Warokka, the dishes surely give a blissful dining experience. Never miss out some of its signatures, such as Ekor Tenggiri (mackerel tail topped with torch ginger and some aromatic leaves) and Bebek Betutu (slow roasted whole duck stuffed with cassava leaves and marinated with traditional betutu seasoning). Instead of carrying traditional interior, the restaurant decorated with modern-contemporary furniture and ornaments to give more urban-like vibe.

Putu Made

2. Kaum Jakarta

The name itself means “clan” in Indonesian language that represents a deep and unique traditions. Something that is brought onto the table of Kaum restaurant through its Balinese dishes. All the dishes are served with original heritage recipe and ancient cooking techniques with some forgotten ingredients. Pleasures your tongue with its unique yet fresh authentic delicacy. Try Lawar Bebek, a ground duck meat salad with red chili dressing and served with duck skin crackling. You should also take Babi Genyol, a fried braised pork cheek in Balinese spices served with a spicy fried shallot and red chili relish. Yumm!

Kaum Jakarta
Jl. Doktor Kusuma Atmaja No.77-79, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat 10310

3. Le Seminyak

If you’re longing for Bali’s distinctive atmosphere including its sophisticated cuisine, go to Le Seminyak. The restaurant serves some of the best authentic Balinese dishes made with original Bali spices and ingredients. Le Seminyak restaurant best known for its signature Nasi Campur Ayam (a scoop of rices served with various proteins and vegetables) and Barramundi Bakar (grilled Asian sea bass fish marinated with sweet, spicy, and savory spices). Eat at the terrace with Balinese inspired wooden table and chair for a more authentic experience.

Le Seminyak

4. Smarapura

Smarapura took the name from Balinese language that means a beautiful and delightful place. It is indeed a beautiful semi outdoor dining place decorated with traditional paintings and Balinese artsy trinkets. The building itself is also inspired by Bali’s traditional temple and houses. The restaurant offers some authentic dishes, such as Bebek Garing (fried duck), Sate Lilit (Balinese style satay made by minced meat and grated coconut, wounded around lemongrass stick), and Rujak Gobet (Balinese style fruit salad with sweet, sour, and spicy dressing).

Jl. Tebet Timur Dalam II No.43, Tebet, Jakarta Selatan 12820
P. +62 21 8370 2402