1. Ragunan Zoo

This should be in the number one list for any families living in Jakarta. Ragunan Zoo is a 140-hectare (350-acre) outdoor area that is home to hundreds of animals, including such indigenous animals as the komodo dragon, orangutan, tapir, anoa, sumatran tiger, banteng wild ox and various birds,  and lots and lots of greeneries.

If you’re not here for the animals, you definitely need to come at least for the lush tropical plant it provides. What we love the most is the newer and better designed part of the zoo that is the Schmutzer Primate Center, which is home to various types of Indonesian primates including orang utans, gorillas, and chimpanzees, and also the Children Zoo that houses a dozen of interesting animals and play grounds.

Jl. Harsono No.1, Ragunan, Pasar Minggu
Hours: 7:00 am – 4:00 pm

2. Camping & outbound activities

For more greens, fresher air and more activities, why not head a few hours away from the city center and retreat in for a few nights in a lush greenery and clean unpolluted air? There a lot of camping grounds in Jakarta’s surrounding area such as Bogor and Sukabumi; in this grounds, kids can explore the nature in a safe environment, and if you have larger crowds, they can even facilitate an outbond activity for the whole family. Some of the recommended camping grounds include Tanakita (Sukabumi), Sayang Heulang (Bandung), and Gunung Pancar (Bogor).

If you don’t feel like purchasing or hauling a camping set, we recommend trying ‘glamping’ or glamorous camping; where you will get all the fun excitement of staying outdoor, but without all the fuss of regular camping. You don’t even need to cook, make the tent, or even make your own bed!

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3. Have a fun picnic

For a quick and easy fun, pack a little basket and discover the few green areas or parks in the city. Making homemade delights and taking a blanket to sit outside and enjoy it can be pleasant! Just dare to explore and you WILL find the perfect spot. Also check out our list of best city parks in Jakarta to help you find a great picnic place.

4. Car Free Sunday

Car Free Day is always filled with fun and entertainment. Live music, organic markets, street artists, skateboarders, families, friends being active and healthy up and down the Jakarta’s best looking main road, Sudirman-Thamrin road from 6 to 11 every Sunday, as it is sterilized from any motorized vehicles. Once you’ve tried it, you will wish it’s done every morning!  a great opportunity to walk your 4 legged members of the family too!

5. Explore the tea plantation hills

photo: liburananak.com 

Not too far from Jakarta, in Puncak area, West Java there lies a tea plantation or kebun teh that is open for public to walk and do lot of activities on. The Gunung Mas tea plantation is a sprawling 540 hectare wide tea plantation for simply a refreshing walk, or a number of fun activities such as horse riding, cycling, etc. Tip: avoid going on Saturday after 8 am, as the traffic starts to get super thick. Leave as late as possible on a Friday night and spend a night in one of the hotels in Puncak, or leave as early as possible on a Saturday or Sunday. For the trip back, same rule applies: leave as late as possible, or avoid weekends altogether.

Jl. Puncak Raya – KM. 87, Cisarua, West Java
Phone:(0251) 8252501