Lippo Mall Kemang or Kemang Village is filled with so many interesting restaurants. Especially at The Avenue of The Stars, where lies so many restaurants raging from Italian, Chinese, to Vietnamese food that you can choose. Here are some of them:

1. TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays is an international chain focusing on casual dining, with over 1000 restaurants in 58 countries. Famous for fresh food and mouthwatering American classics, from appetizers perfect for sharing, to memorable burgers and delicious desserts.
With the fun and friendly waiters and waitresses, we have become the ultimate destination for diners looking for something distinctive and different. You can find this cool restaurant at Mall Lippo Kemang Village and definitely your favorite place to eat and hangout with family and friends.
Lippo Mall Kemang – Kemang Village Unit G-OD-09
Phone: (021) 29528368

2. Manhattan Fish Market

At The Manhattan FISH MARKET, guests are served with lip-smacking American-style seafood such as the famous Manhattan Fish n’ Chips, the all-time favorite Garlic Herb Mussels and the legendary Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter.
Having more than 50 restaurants in Asia and the Middle East, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Oman, India and Japan, they attribute their success and regional popularity to the fresh, flavorful and innovative offerings. To meet the fans’ insatiable appetite for delicious seafood, they are constantly expanding and evolving with brand new restaurant interiors inspired by the famous Fulton Fish Market. Every restaurant is tastefully appointed to evoke the colorful and dynamic spirit of the iconic market!
Lippo Mall Kemang – Kemang Village Lv 3 #02
Phone: (021) 29528382

3. Urban Bistro

Urban Bistro is the new place to be. Located at the heart of Jakarta Selatan and one of the finest mall in Jakarta, Urban Bistro offers the finest Western food and refreshing beverages.
Lippo Mall Kemang – Kemang Village UG-OD-05
Phone: 021 290 56707

4. Classified

Located in one of the newest mall in South Jakarta, Kemang Village (Lippo Mall), Classified is a European-inspired restaurant featuring mostly French and Italian dishes. It also specializes in non-industrial premium artisan cheeses, gourmet coffees, boutique wines and handcrafted breads. The brand is originally from Hong Kong and it has been brought to Indonesia by the Duck King group.
Lippo Mall Kemang – Kemang Village
Ground Floor #OD-08
Jl. Pangeran Antasari No.30
Kemang – South Jakarta
Phone: +6221 29528510

5. Colonial Cuisine & Molecular

Colonial is a great new “casual fine dining” experience & “molecular bar” offered to the most discerning and demanding culinary people of Jakarta. This is the maiden venture of Pt Trigun Andrawina, who have entered into the F&B world to not only share their passion for good food and unique beverages, but to also offer an exciting new choice to the Jakarta residents and visitors alike.
The restaurant at Colonial offers an all-day dining with personalized waiting services by well-trained English speaking staff. The food on offer is modern yet greatly influenced by the classical French kitchen with total emphasis on flavors in line with belief of “the way to a person’s heart is thru the stomach.” The presentation is very contemporary & encapsulates the concept of casual fine dining in true sense.
On offer is a menu of more than 70 dishes to choose from. Due care has been taken to offer vegetarian choices to guests with more herbivorous tastes and likings. An exhaustive wine selection, a well loaded bar along with the vast array of beverages completes the list.
Lippo Mall Kemang – Kemang Village UG-OD-11
Phone: 021-29056891/2

6. Meat Me Steak House & Butchery

Meat Me Steak house is a restaurant that offer many kinds of meats with butchery fasility in it. Presenting high quality fresh meat is the commitment of Meat Me Steak house, therefore this restaurant only use imported meat from the best meat producers in all parts of the world. Meat Me also have the its own processed product, Dry Aged Beef and Home Made Sausages. Now you can find the Meat Me in Lippo Mall kemang Jakarta.
Lippo Mall Kemang – Kemang Village
Unit G-OD-05
South Jakarta 12410
Phone: +62 21 2952 8498

7. Ootoya

Ootoya is Japanese restaurant with more than 50 years experience since 1958 and have more than 300 branch network scattered in Japan, New York, Shanghai, Singapore, Hongkong, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia with dedication and commitment to quality. If you want to taste Japanese cuisine, you can come to Ootoya Lippo Mall Kemang Jakarta. According to its slogan, “Authentic Home Cooked Japanese Food”. For those healthy dishes lovers, you can add Ootoya to your favorite restaurant list.
Jl. Pangeran Antasari Kav. 36
Lippo Mall Kemang
Lt. UG No. 2
South Jakarta 12730
Phone: (021) 29056842

8. monViet

monViet is all about an authentic Vietnamese restaurant in Indonesia, which has over 40 years of experience in the noodle house business from Vietnam. From a family’s secret recipes, monViet has transformed the most iconic street favorites of Vietnam into an authentic restaurant concept.
Lippo Mall Kemang
The Avenue of Stars
Lt. UG South Jakarta 12730
Phone: 021 29528439

9. The Duck King

The Duck King has enjoyed a solid reputation as one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Indonesia for quite some time now since its early inception in 2003. With 14 outlets in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bekasi, Banjarmasin and Bandung, The Duck King has established itself as casual dining restaurants popular for gathering or culinary outings.
As The Duck King restaurants do not serve pork dishes, Moslems are frequent customers to all its branches. Extended menu selection are offered and must try dishes include Roasted Duck with Hainam Rice, Fried Prawn with Salted Eggs and Beef Ribs with Honey Sauce. Dim sum is also available freshly prepared upon ordering in addition to a list of fanciful desserts menu.
Lippo Mall Kemang
Lt. 1 Unit 18-19
Jl. Pangeran Antasari 36
South Jakarta 12150
Phone: 021 – 29528467/ 68

10. Lowville

If you are fan of Wild-Wild West things and western-style food, Lowville is the right place for you to eat. Lowville born with love of culinary, by a successful entrepreneur woman, Lili Maddari, as well as the interest of today’s urban society. This wooden western style restaurant and modern dynamic is established since the beginning of April 2015.
Lowville has some mainstay menu is guaranteed to satisfy your tongue, as Lowville Fried Rice, Diana Steak With Potato Jackson, Spaghetti Marinara, and for drinks also not less interesting Sweet Candy, Forget Me Not, Cowboy Buster, etc. Lowville is the right place to satisfy your desire to enjoy western-style food plus the Wild-Wild West atmosphere.
Lippo Mall Kemang
The Avenue of Stars
Lt. UG
South Jakarta 12730