We would like to welcome you to Jakarta Aquarium (JAI), the first aquarium in a mall, in Indonesia. JAI is a recreational and educational centre in Jakarta offering “edutainment” to all its guests. We are a proud family member of Taman Safari Indonesia, an International leading conservation institution, and was built in collaboration with Aquaria KLCC, Malaysia. Located in the centre of the shopping area of West Jakarta, Neo Soho Mall, LGM-LG Floor, Jl. Letjen. S. Parman Kav. 28 Jakarta 11470. Open daily, Monday-Sunday and Public Holidays, 10am – 10pm.

“JAI is not just a placement of aquatic animals, but is an aquatic discovery centre, offering spectacular treats for the public, especially school children. We support and satisfy their curiosity in understanding each animal’s characteristics, adaptation and survival skills”, explained by JAI Director, Mr. Will Owens. One of our main aims is to offer interactive experiences, through our QR code app and hands on activities at our supervised touch pool, which will enable people to be inspired towards developing a positive future between humans and our oceans.

Why Jakarta Aquarium?

  • Research conducted by more than 10 Universities around the world, has shown that visitors feel stronger connection and understanding of our oceans, as a result of visiting an aquarium.
  • JAI is able to offer tailor made educational programmes, to suit and combine with your classroom teachings.

In short, by welcoming all our guests in Jakarta and surrounding regions, this supports our efforts in understanding the needs of our audiences and allows us to the craft and design meaningful programmes that responds to their interests. This also drives the desire of said guests, to be part of the fix that we need, to continue working towards solutions in avoiding many of the global environmental and social crisis which we face on a daily basis.

JAI have many programmes, especially for children, to enable everyone to learn about aquatic biota, preservation and conservation. This will go in a way toward making our planer a better place to live, for man and his friends. For student groups visiting JAI they receive our “Ocean Explorer Guide Book,” which adds to the wonders they encounter. It allows them to explore the possibilities and engage with nature, in turn allowing their knowledge and our planet to grow. That is why we have adopted our tagline, “Explore, Engage, Grow.”

  • At JAI we have interactive programmes to allow our guests to learn about aquatic biota appearance by touch, with support and guidance from our fully trained Guest Service Agents. They are here to assist in ensuring your journey meets all expectations. We name this programme, “Biology Interactive,” which is a fun way, also for adult guests, to discover the mystery of aquatic biota.
  • Plastic waste has become a worldwide problem and as such, JAI supports conservation and works toward educating its patrons in, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” We have created a zone in JAI, dedicated to this purpose. Our aim is to support and educate, in the hope if everyone makes one change in their daily habits, together we can make a difference and help to clean up the rivers of Indonesia.
  • We also further support this initiative with interactive games for children, allowing them to sort trash into 4 standard coloured recycling bins. It’s a very hands on game and is widely popular with young children, all the way up to elementary children. It creates awareness on the daily refuse we create, and the many types of recycling available.
  • A signature product of JAI, is AQUACAMP. This is a programme designed for children and school groups. It allows the students and teachers, the opportunity to interact with our Aquarists, Divers and Veterinary Technicians. The programme is structured to deliver a full 24 hours of onsite learnings. A chance to sleep with the fishes.

Jakarta Aquarium invites everyone to find out more about the wildlife and marine biota of Indonesia. To open the minds of the younger generations especially the children, to teach them the importance of nature and their part to play in the conservation of our planet. We do this with the support of such initiatives as “LAUTKU BERSIH” which is a programme to encourage people to explore the wealth of Indonesia and to support the preservation of our waters in Indonesia, and the rest of the world.

Our mission is to provide the best for preservation, conservation and edutainment to all ages. We all have a responsibility in saving our planet. Our focus is to ask all guests to explore the wealth of diversity and culture we have on offer. To engage with our Guest Associates and learn more about our species and the roles they play in developing our planet. Then finally to utilize that knowledge and Grow. If all make one change in their daily life in protecting our planet, we can all make a difference.

Jakarta Aquarium
Neo Soho Mall, LG 101 – LGM 101
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav 28
Jakarta Barat
Ph. (62-21) 2789 3435