It is undeniable, the outbreak of Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) has affected many orders in Indonesian society. Now, doctors, nurses and other medical personnel continue to strive to serve and treat the positive victims of Covid-19 whose numbers continue to grow every day.

Of course the current conditions, require community contributions to remain silent in their respective homes, work from home and help provide support to medical personnel. One way that is considered effective in providing support is by directly assisting medical personnel, by sending them food.

Just like what J Kitchen did as part of the recent Jambuluwuk Hotels & Resorts which provided support to medical staff by bringing food directly to the Friendship Hospital, Jakarta.

Explained by Martha W. Thomas as Corporate Communication Manager of Jambuluwuk Hotels & Resorts, the moral support action carried out by J Kitchen is carried out every Monday-Friday as much as 50 portions of food.

“We are aware that the struggle to overcome Covid-19 in Indonesia is a shared responsibility, if only these medical personnel struggle in the frontline, at least J Kitchen can fully support behind it. J Kitchen is committed to providing 50 portions of food every day from Monday to Friday to be sent to the Jakarta Friendship Hospital, “explained Martha.

This support action is just the beginning, admitted Martha, in the future J Kitchen wants to take similar action for other Covid-19 Hospitals.

“We started this action at the Jakarta Friendship Hospital, and we have planned to carry out a similar support action for the medical staff at other Covid-19 Hospitals,” explained Martha.