In collaboration with TUV NORD, IUIGA QuickDry Antibacterial Diatomite is proven to be bacteria free. TUV NORD INDONESIA is one of the largest Certification, Supervision, Inspection and Testing Institutions in Indonesia and internationally. In this study, IUIGA QuickDry Antibacterial Diatomite was exposed to 2 types of bacteria, namely Staphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia Coli. The reason for using these two bacteria is because they are the bacteria that are most often found in everyday life.

In the process of this research, IUIGA QuickDry Antibacterial Diatomite was exposed to 2 bacteria before and after use. The standard value for the antimicrobial evaluation is Bacteriostatic Activity (S) ≥2.0. Meanwhile, the results of this study prove that the evaluation value for IUIGA QuickDry Antibacterial Diatomite is 3.3 – 3.9.

“IUIGA is committed to always providing the best quality products for the people of Indonesia, one of which is through technological innovation in our diatomite products. Diatomite products use natural ingredients from sediments which are very suitable for various kinds of household appliances that require water absorption. The advantage of our diatomite product is instant absorption 15 seconds and has been certified anti-bacterial by TUV NORD. Based on tests conducted by TUV NORD, IUIGA QuickDry Antibacterial Diatomite has been shown to reduce bacteria by up to 74%, ”said William Firman, Managing Director of IUIGA Indonesia.

IUIGA QuickDry Antibacterial Diatomite is an IUIGA product that has several variants such as a mat to a soap tray that can be used in bathrooms and kitchens. Since the initial launch, IUIGA QuickDry Antibacterial Diatomite has been in great demand by consumers until it is sold out. But for the sake of customer satisfaction, we will ensure that our products can meet the high demands of the Indonesian people.

Diatomite uses a natural base of sedimentary rock which is the result of Japanese technology. With a basic material that can absorb water very quickly, Diatomite is suitable for use as a doormat because the mat will always be dry, not slippery and does not become a place for bacteria to breed.

Diatomite mats also have a simple design and are suitable for use in any residential style. In addition to excellent absorption, maintenance is also very easy. Consumers can clean IUIGA QuickDry Antibacterial Diatomite using a damp cloth or running water.

“We hope that the anti-bacterial certification by TUV NORD will increase the confidence of the Indonesian people in IUIGA products. Because according to the value we use, namely transparent, where we not only provide transparency on prices and manufacturers of our products but also evidence of the quality of our products, “William concluded.

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