Seeing a very positive response to the first outlet and responding to consumers’ requests for additional outlets, IUIGA opened a second outlet in ASHTA District 8. This request seems to be a justification that the need to see and try goods before buying is still quite high.

The request for the opening of the second IUIGA outlet came from consumers in various regions. IUIGA finally chose to open its second outlet in South Jakarta because of its strategic location and responding to consumer demand regarding locations that are easily accessible as well as being in business and shopping centers.

“IUIGA always listens and strives to meet customer satisfaction. We have selected several locations for our second outlet and the most suitable one is ASHTA District 8. Apart from its location in the center of South Jakarta, we also have a very good location in front of the Garden Lobby, ”said William Firman, Managing Director of IUIGA Indonesia.

ASHTA District 8, which was inaugurated on November 11, carries the concept of “Embrace The Newness”. ASHTA District 8 is a place to celebrate the life, passion, and creativity of artists, musicians, retailers, designers, culinary and beauty business people, as well as creative circles. other.

Its existence is also described as a destination that respects rich culture and traditions and pays attention to the quality of life of the community. Therefore, all the constituent aspects have been carefully considered, starting from architecture, green open spaces, and chic interior design.

“We are very proud that IUIGA has chosen to become part of ASHTA District 8. Seeing the rapid development of IUIGA, we believe IUIGA is able to become a tenant that can complement the lifestyle needs of ASHTA District 8 visitors. In addition, if you look at IUIGA and ASHTA have a Brand Identity and market share. the same, “said Jessa Setiabudi, Deputy GM Leasing ASRI.

With 742 total types of products that have entered Indonesia, IUIGA always strives to meet people’s lifestyle needs. During this pandemic, people tend to be more courageous to explore their interests in all fields. For example, many people choose to exercise to cook from home.

“In my opinion, IUIGA’s product choices are quite complete and at an affordable price, very suitable for the younger generation and those who are young at heart. Minimalist design and manufacturers with major brands in the market make the quality of IUIGA unquestionable. I see IUIGA as a solution for people to be able to have products with value for the best money, “said Hadi Ismanto, Founder and CEO Manual Jakarta.

In order to open its second outlet, IUIGA provides a discount of 20% without a minimum nominal transaction is only by buying 3 items at one check out. This promo is valid until 6 December 2020 and is only valid at IUIGA ASHTA District outlets 8.

“Still carrying the Retail + concept by using self-checkout and self-collection like 11 outlets that were already in Singapore. We hope with opening our second store in ASHTA District 8 can provide a great shopping experience which is better yet at the same time responding to consumer demand to be able to see and try first-hand IUIGA products, “closed William.

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