1. Tastemade

Instagram: tastemade or tastemadeindonesia

Tastemade is one of the platforms that makes cooking videos so famous online. Its popularity rises so fast because it gives easy recipes with attractive and visually appealing videos. Tastemade also appears in Indonesia to highlight local cuisine recipes.

2. NYT Cooking

Instagram: nytcooking

The New York Times cooking page is so popular, so does the Instagram account as well. Get yourself drawn into its best, easy, and innovative food recipe to follow at your home.

3. Raja Resep

Instagram: rajaresep

For local cuisine, Raja Resep is a great account you can follow. The recipe comes with a high-quality video.

4. Ambitious Kitchen

Instagram: ambitiouskitchen

Ambitious Kitchen shares healthy and nourishing food recipes. Chef Monique will also give some insights about healthy eating you can follow with your whole family.

5. Mrs. Macarons

Instagram: mrs_macarons

As peaceful or aesthetic cooking videos are so popular on YouTube, Mrs. Macarons is successfully bringing that concept into Instagram. This account is Korea based, but all the videos are provided with English subtitles. The recipes are varied, Korean authentic dished to some international cuisine.

6. Wife’s Cuisine

Instagram: wifes_cuisine

Wife’s Cuisine is already so popular on YouTube, and she’s making an Instagram account to share some easy recipes and cooking tips for home cooks. Wife’s Cuisine is known for dishes the whole family could enjoy for so many occasions. Though it’s based in Korea, the contents are completed with English subtitles with varied recipes from around the world. You can also check her YouTube channel here.