Good news coming as Indonesia voted as Best Country in the World on Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards for 2019. Ranked 15th in the previous year, in 2019 Indonesia is able to place first with score 92.78, followed by other Asian countries, such as Thailand (#2), Sri Lanka (#4), and the Philippines (#8). The voting involved more than 600,000 registered voters from around the world. Condé Nast itself is the most influential media companies for the tourism industry in the world, so the result carries big credibility.

Why Indonesia voted as the best country to visit? Here are the reasons!

1. Mesmerizing islands and beaches

Indonesia’s enchanting diversity – according to the Indonesian Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs – boasts 17,508 islands, divided into 34 provinces. With this broad population comes a mix of cultures, languages, religions, traditions, histories, and of course, stunning natural beauty. That makes Indonesia is a dream destination for island hopping where you can enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of pristine beaches. This country is also a favorite place for diving as there are so many diving sites across Indonesia with astonishing underwater scenery.

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2. Wide and distinctive cuisine

Inhabitated with hundreds of ethnic groups, Indonesia is boasted with incredibly wide cuisine. That is one that attracts a lot of people to come to the country where they can experience a memorable culinary journey. Here you can enjoy such a distinctive local cuisine that comes from authentic spices and cooking techniques. From the most favorite Nasi Goreng to Sambal, Indonesia is a favorite place for those looking for intense and exciting eating satisfaction.

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3. Diverse Wildlife

Up and Close with Animals in Bali

Indonesia’s wildlife is as diverse as everything else about the archipelago. Beautiful apes, tigers, elephants, and monkeys – lots of monkeys – plus one mean lizard are just some of the more notable critters you may encounter. Every region of Indonesia contains different habitats and animals. Some of the better islands for wildlife include Kalimantan, which is mostly about jungle river trips to experience wildlife like orangutans; Sumatra has large mammals like elephants and orangutans with homes amidst still untrodden tracts of wilderness. There is fine bird spotting to be found in Papua, where Birds of Paradise and other species can be tracked down. Some of the more elusive Papuan wildlife, like exotic marsupials such as tree kangaroos, cuscus and sugar gliders, can be trickier to track down, though some expert local guides can help. (Source: Lonely Planet)

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4. Luxurious Sanctuary

Along with its fine natural beauty, Indonesia also boasts some of the most exquisite spas and luxurious retreats. Be it Bali, or even in a busy city like Jakarta, there are many high-end sanctuaries for you to relax and energize.

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5. Heaven for Shopping

Indonesian people do love shopping. So, it’s no surprise that the country offers hundreds of best places to shop. From affordable markets to some high-end malls, you can literally shop till drop. Enjoy yearly big sales, to shop high-quality handcrafted stuff.

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6. Exciting Nightlife

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