Searching for the easiest way to play your portable DS ROMs? Then you have come to the right spot. In this informative article, we will take you through ways you can download, install and play your Nintendo DS ROMs on Nintendo Emulator.

But first, let familiarizes ourselves with Nintendo. If you are a sophisticated gamer, you may probably be familiar with the Nintendo emulator. However, if you have no clue what it is, then don’t panic. We are going to explain what it is and what it does.

So, what is Nintendo DS? In simple words, Nintendo DS is a game console that handles games produced by Nintendo. The DS on Nintendo means ‘Developer system’ or ‘Dual screen,’ which is a new feature for handling games.

The DS involves a game played on an LCD screen which is also a touch screen. Now that we have explained what Nintendo DS is, what is it used for? As illustrated, the Nintendo DS is just a platform that handles games. In other words, it is used to run all game files since it is designed purposely for gaming. The Nintendo DS offers high-end visuals and audio for a better gaming experience.

How to play on Nintendo DS?

First and foremost, as a gamer, you need to ensure you have all the requirements before setting up your Nintendo DS. Here are the items you need to set up your Nintendo DS:

  1. 1. Nintendo DS (R4 Card)

It is used to extract the Nintendo DS ROMS in the emulator. You can purchase this online. It is available in almost all stores dealing with gaming stationery.

  • 2. MicroSD/Memory Card

You need to buy a memory card to store your game files. It is advisable to keep in an external MicroSD for fast execution. You may also need a MicroSD with at least 1GB RAM.

  • 3. DS ROM of the game you want to play

You will also need to download the ROM of the game you want to enjoy. If you don’t have the ROM, you can click here to download your favorite game.


Some websites with free ROMs attached to them are harmful malware that can damage your gadget and crush your system. So, from our experience, you can download from our recommended website or head to the official page of the specific ROM you want and download it from there.

  • 4. Buy the latest Nintendo DS device.

You will also need to purchase the Nintendo DS gadget.

Once you have all the requirements, you can now set up your ROM on Nintendo DS. To do this, you need to insert your MicroSD card into the PC and copy the ROM file of the game you just downloaded. Once you have finished copying, eject the MicroSD card from the PC, insert it into the Nintendo DS (R4 Card), and plug it into the Nintendo DS.

Wait for the Nintendo DS (R4 Card) to load. After loading, select MicroSD and locate your ROM. Now, find the setup file and install the game. Wait for the setup to run and install in your Nintendo system.

Once installation is complete, head to the main menu in the Nintendo DS and locate the game (ROM) shortcut. The shortcut is from where you will be running your game. Click on it and start enjoying your DS ROM on the Nintendo DS.

For multiple DS ROMS, use this procedure to install and play your DS ROMs games. More so, as much as you may want to install various competitions, make sure to use a bigger MicroSD for more space and more memory for better performance.

Final Verdict
In conclusion, as explained, you should ensure all your ROMs are downloaded from a trusted website or the official page for safety purposes. Also, make sure to scan all your ROMS for malware. More so, to experience the best gaming moments, make sure your game source file is proportional to your Nintendo DS memory and MicroSD card size. Having that in mind, don’t hesitate. Just choose any of the DS ROMs you wish to play and challenge your friends.