Chinese New Year is the most important festival in China. Not limited to just China, Asians around the world including in Indonesia will be partaking in many cultural activities and carrying on century-old traditions. Nonetheless, there are still plenty of traditions and superstitions to follow, all aimed at making sure the year ahead is prosperous. Here is a guide on how to celebrate Chinese New Year for a fruitful year ahead.

Cleaning House

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Cleaning a house may not seem like the most joyous of traditions, but as a ritual, it sets the tone for the new year to start fresh. Windows are scrubbed, floors swept and furniture dusted to wash away the bad luck of the past year.

Decorating House with Red Ornaments

Red is the main color, as red is believed to be an auspicious color for the Chinese New Year. Putting up those decorations is thought to keep evil away and pray for blessing, longevity, health, and peace.

New Year Shopping

Just like Christmas, people love to spend generously during Chinese New Year. New year new clothes. It symbolizes a brand new spirit to bring luck and prosperity.

Offering Sacrifices to Ancestors

Honoring the dead is a Chinese New Year’s tradition that’s kept to the word. Many Chinese people visit their ancestors’ graves or light up the incense stick to show respect and piety.

Praying at Temples for Good Fortune

Worshiping in Buddhist temples is one of many important traditions. It is said doing so brings good luck for the whole year.

Enjoying a Feast with Family

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What holiday would be complete without a feast? Big families including several generations sit at round tables and enjoy the food and time together.

Chinese New Year Food

Food that is considered to bring good fortune is a must. They are fish, dumplings, Niangao (glutinous rice cake), noodles, sweets, and fruits to name a few.

Exchanging Red Envelopes

The most common gifts are red envelopes. Red envelopes have money in and are often given to children and unmarried grown-ups. It is also considered good luck to give red envelopes to seniors.

Firecrackers and Fireworks

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Lighting fireworks and firecrackers tradition is a way to scare away the evil and welcome the new year’s arrival. It’s believed that the louder the firecrackers, the better and luckier it will be for business and farming in the coming year.

Watching Lion and Dragon Dances

Lion dances and dragon dances are widely seen in China and Chinatowns in many countries. They are performed to bring prosperity and good luck for the upcoming year or event. It’s also believed to ward off some evil spirits.

There are also still plenty of superstitions that you must not do during the Chinese New Year period. It’s believed to give ill-fated significance. So, here are many things you should avoid doing.

– Don’t sweep up on New Year’s Day, otherwise, you’ll ‘sweep all your luck away’.

– Don’t eat porridge because porridge symbolizes illness and poverty

– Don’t wash your clothes and hair on New Year’s Day, otherwise, you’ll wash your fortune away

– Don’t wear black or white clothes as it’s considered unlucky colors

– No crying because it can bring bad luck

– No lending or borrowing money because it leads to debt

– No odd amounts of lucky money because it’s considered unlucky