Hennessy X.O, the family of the world’s most renowned luxury Cognac brand, globally rolled out an epic short film titled The Seven Worlds by the legendary director Ridley Scott (Oscar-nominated film director whose credits include The Martian, Alien and Blade Runner)

To celebrate Hennessy’s legendary collaboration with Scott, Moët Hennessy Indonesia will conduct Hennessy X.O: Worlds of Greatness exclusive pop-up dinner on 27th – 30th November 2019 at The Dining Room – Raffles Hotel Jakarta, Indonesia. The dinner will be hosted in partnership with WAGYUMAFIA, a members-only restaurant founded in Tokyo and famed for their dining experience focused on one of Japan’s most premium ingredients, pedigreed wagyu beef.

Suryo Windarto, Hennessy Indonesia Brand Manager, says, “The collaboration between Hennessy X.O and Ridley Scott is pushing the boundaries of visual interpretation of the senses. To honor that, we are bringing the film to live so our consumer can experience the greatness of Hennessy X.O. We are also adding more collaboration with another sensorial visionary – WAGYUMAFIA Hong Kong – to interpret that odyssey into a dining experience that captures The Seven Worlds and Hennessy X.O’s seven tasting notes in our Hennessy X.O: Worlds of Greatness event.” 

The partnership with WAGYUMAFIA Hongkong will provide consumers with a fresh twist of dining experience with Hennessy X.O, as always, Moët Hennessy Indonesia aims to craft experiences through special collaborations. Their signature Ozaki beef, which has always been WAGYUMAFIA’s signature ingredient, will be presented along with the pairing menu that will truly bring the consumers through a unique pairing odyssey with Hennessy X.O. 

“We are excited to be visiting Jakarta for this collaborative dinner with Hennessy X.O.,” says Yohei Yamamoto, Chef de Cuisine of WAGYUMAFIA Hong Kong. “At WAGYUMAFIA, our omakase menus feature elaborate courses of authentic wagyu beef sourced directly from only the best farmers, which are expertly prepared using unconventional techniques. This time, pairing our Ozaki beef with the unique notes of Hennessy X.O., we hope to share with our Jakarta audience an elevated culinary journey that explores cutting-edge butchery methods, the art of Japanese beef-rearing, and Japanese hospitality”.

Hennessy’s collaboration with WAGYUMAFIA is a one-of-a-kind opportunity that allows one to truly delve into Hennessy X.O tasting notes with a new perspective. Paired with innovative courses, one will get to experience Hennessy X.O in a new way and see once again why it is the world’s most luxurious cognac.

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