Yayasan Helping Hand or The Helping Hands Foundation is here to assist friends with disabilities so that they have equal opportunities with the children of other nations to help develop Indonesia. The slogan “Disability Is Not an Obstacle”, which was carried out by the Helping Hands Foundation since its inception, was interpreted by the founders of the Foundation as a belief that disability is not an obstacle to progress, and not an obstacle to progress together.

Therefore, the Helping Hands Foundation held a Media Gathering event, Celebrating Disability Towards Advanced Indonesia, which was held Wednesday, August 14, 2019, at the Ruang Komunal Indonesia from Facebook, Pacific Place, Jakarta. “We hope that this Media Gathering ‘Celebrating Disability Towards Advanced Indonesia’ will be a communication bridge that can voice a call to walk together with friends with disabilities with non-disabilities. So, it can open wide opportunities for them to live and work in various fields that are expected,” said Wendy Kusumowidagdo, Executive Director of the Helping Hands Foundation.

As for building bridges of equality and togetherness, the Helping Hands Foundation uses a four-element based Program Methodology, Educative, Inclusive, Participatory, and Experimental. These four elements are then manifested in the Foundation’s 3 Main Program Pillars, namely Nature Education, Sports Education, and Professional Experience. The three pillars of the program are then run by young people with disabilities who are students of the Helping Hands Foundation.

“In every move, the Helping Hands Foundation always unites young people with disabilities with non-disability. Through the three Pillars of the program, we strive to unite young people with disabilities with non-disabilities into a variety of non-formal training. We believe, through this joint training, people with disabilities and non-disabilities will interact while absorbing the values ​​carried by the Helping Hands Foundation, namely tolerance, empathy, leadership, and cooperation that will open up a wider space of togetherness in the future,” said Wendy.

More information: https://helpinghands.or.id/