HAUM comes as a local Indonesian brand that provides a range of products to meet specific skin needs, contemplatively and carefully formulated for safe use, and can provide effective results.

HAUM started its product line in 2018, starting with one BEARD ON product, aimed at one target market with a special segmentation, distributed only through one Official Store Marketplace for one year. After launching BEARD ON, the other HAUM skincare series are LCID, ALOECID, HAIR ON, MASK SCRUB, FACE ON, and WASH ON. Currently, HAUM series products are also available in three major Official Store Marketplaces and have a network of official resellers who are ready to distribute to various parts of Indonesia.

HAUM believes that quality is no longer determined by the price. The seven HAUM products are specially formulated, using advance active ingredients that produce quality products. Product quality is determined by contemplative and meticulous formulation, tailored to the specific needs of the skin so that it can be given at a reasonable price. HAUM products are intended for everyone, especially those aged 24 years and over who really need special skincare and are aware of their skin needs.

Supported by the best team with expertise and various backgrounds who have experience in the skincare field or from other industries, HAUM believes these differences make HAUM have various perspectives to develop together in different ways. As a growing company, in the future HAUM plans to release other new products. In 2023 HAUM will penetrate the global market outside Indonesia.

HAUM is available in LAZADA, BLIBLI, and TOKOPEDIA. More about the products, go to Instagram haumskincare.