Closing the end of 2019, the Jakarta Public Relations Hotel Association (H3) held a meeting for all Jakarta H3 members, which took place on Wednesday, December 18, 2019. This event was also to celebrate the 24th anniversary of Jakarta’s H3. Besides inviting hotel partners in Jakarta and Media, this year’s “Year-End Intimate Gathering” also invited 26 children from GNOTA who are also foster children of Jakarta H3. The 26 children jointly painted masks, guided by Dwi Sutarjantono.

During the cone cutting session, Pramita Sari as the head of the Jakarta H3 for the period 2018 – 2020 expressed gratitude for the establishment of the Jakarta H3 to the age of 24. “Grateful for the gift that has been given by God Almighty and also thanks to the foster children from GNOTA who have been able to attend, so that hotel public relations friends can meet face to face and share happiness together in the 24th anniversary of Jakarta H3.”

The “Year-End Intimate Gathering” event was held thanks to the support of GoWork Plaza Indonesia, Outback Indonesia and all hotels that provide support for door prizes. On this occasion, H3 Jakarta also provided gifts and compensation to the foster children from GNOTA to support their learning activities.